The voters do want detail and Labour are boring

Contrary to Trevor Mallard’s desperate email where he said:

The key point for us is not to be dragged down into the detail on the CGT. The pub­lic don’t care and we get boring.

It turns out that people do care about detail on their capital gains tax and it also turns out that they do think Labour are boring.

One News Poll disaster for LabourThe latest One News Colmar Brunton poll delivers disaster to Labour with them hitting a 10 year low.

A shock result in the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll shows support for Labour plummeting.

Support for the opposition has plunged to a 10-year low, with Labour polling just 27%.

National is up to 53% while Labour sheds seven points to 27%. The Greens take some of that vote, bouncing up to 10%, while Act and the Maori Party are both sitting around 3%.

New Zealand First (2.4%) would need to double its support to make it back, and the Mana Party (0.5%) and United Future (0.3%) are barely registering.

National would have 66 seats in Parliament on these numbers and with four each from the Maori Party and Act they would have a massive majority.

Labour (33 seats) doesn’t get close even after adding in the Greens (12) and the Mana Party (1).

Labour is in serious trouble. Their campaigns and their plana re as crippled as their campaign manager.

The time has come to roll Goff. They have nothing to lose, they are at a ten year low. Making my image of the weekend somewhat prophetic.

Own Your Future: Roll your leaderOut of time and out of luck the top tier have to go to save Labour. After their performance of the past couple of days they couldn’t go much wrong with the two Davids. David Cunliffe and David parker have performed well and surely now the caucus will have the gumption to finally end the ignominy of Phil Goff’s leadership.

Trevor Mallard can’t spin his way out of this either. He proclaimed in his leaked email that this poll was taken before voters knew the details of the capital gains tax. In the same email just two paragraphs away he also implored Labour to not speak of such trvialities like details, the electorate aren’t interested and they would look boring.

Well from these poll results it certainly looks like people do find Labour. I commented on Citizen A and on The Nation this morning that it really doesn’t matter how good or bad Labour’s policy is, the simple fact is that people simply aren’t listening to anything they have to say.

More than 70% of the population have switched off and 93% don’t care whether Phil Goff draws breath or not. Russel Norman is now within striking distance of becoming the de facto Leader of the Opposition.



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  • jabba

    too late to roll him .. mind you, DParker said 2x is was loyal to Goff so that maybe a sign

    • Gillard rolled Rudd two months before the election and then won that election, it is never too late.

      • Minor technical point Whale but Gillard did not “win” the election. The current Australian governmentis exactly analogous to the toxic mix of losers that could end up in NZ after the next election. Aus Labor, Watermelons and 3 feckless “independents” = NZ Labour, Watermelons, Winston, Hatfield’s Mania and the Apartheid party.

        Gillard has no mandate, no legitemacy and less credibility.

  • reid

    Isn’t this sad.

    I wonder how far is Liarbore from firing Blue State Digital and getting someone else who knows what they are doing.

    Just cause the asset sale meme fell somewhat flat after it was learned Phil himself had sold 17 state assets worth $9.49 billion, that wasn’t Phil’s fault.

    Now this.

    And, it looks like Liarbore’s going to be called on the underlying numbers in the Monday news cycle. Crikey.

    And, it looks like Phil’s being portrayed as usual according to TV One’s bias against the left, as being the author of the policy, as far as Guyon’s item tonight goes, when everyone knows it was David’s idea…

    It’s an explosive gas crisis inside a hurricane awaiting an ignition source.

    Oh dear!

  • mattyman

    I don’t know if David Parker would get the nod for Labour, simply because he can’t win his electorate, it doesn’t look great if a leader looses an electorate seat. That said he’d be my pick of the bunch, he’s refreshing and somewhat meek. Cunliffe turns me off the party more so than Goff. Ugh, the thought of it makes me cringe. Lets hope self serving Andrew Little looses New Plymouth to dent his hopes.

    Great news for ACT. There not polling big numbers but hey Colmar Brunton has only had them on the up since Don took over. 3.1% isn’t a bad result considering all the bad media!! I just hope they stop playing the race card and focus on the economy. There is only one party advocating for reduced government and REAL solutions to our financial crisis.

    I hope National can govern alone or with Peter Dunne, for the sake of the centre right vote. ACT need time on the cross benches to pick up a greater case reduced government and greater personal liberty. Hopefully that would give them a greater mandate with National come 2014.

  • lcmortensen

    The pole was taken before Thursday’s announcement, so was only on speculation.

    It’s unlikely National would be able to govern alone – polls this time in the last cycle were the same percentage – and National only got 44.93% of the votes on election day.

    • Bollocks lc; labour leaked its tax plans to any number of media hacks on Tuesday 5 July. The thrust of the tax package was reported widely that day, and each day thereafter. Collar Brunton polled up until Sunday 10th July.

      Stop repeating Trevor’s lines and face facts; #Labourishistory

  • cadwallader

    Goff v Gillard: A race to extinction!

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  • gazzaw

    Is it within polling rules to put up Cunliffe’s name in the options for preferred PM? It would be good to see how he is perceived by the voting public. I just do not believe that he has any charisma & projects himself rightly or wrongly as a fairly unpleasant character.

    • thor42

      I agree, gazzaw. Cunliffe is a *nobody*, really. Heck, I couldn’t even remember what he **looked like** until I saw a pic of him on this blog recently. He is “Goof version 2”.
      I’m hoping that Labour stick with Goof until the election. It’s possible that they might get a bit of a “dead cat bounce” in the pre-election polls if Good gets rolled. I don’t want *anything* positive to happen to them. I’d like them to sink like a stone.

  • kehua

    Even if National has the numbers to Govern alone, I can see John Key including the Maori Party in a coalition, it is working and it makes sense.

  • thor42

    Good to see ACT getting a rise in support. It’d be great if that can continue.
    They do need to focus on the economy though, and taxes in particular. Tax has **always** been ACT’s area of strength, so they really need to get the message “out there”. Get in people’s faces! At present, Brash and co are just letting things drift along, and that’s not good enough. They’ll get *nowhere* with that approach.
    Education as well – that’s another area that ACT is strong in.

  • ltchop

    Edu­ca­tion as well – that’s another area that ACT is strong in.

    That comment has to be the funniest I have read in a long long time ….. thor42 pray tell me what you mean ..,

  • ltchop

    Gillard has no man­date, no legit­emacy and less credibility.

    May be so The Gant Gut … but she is PM and the Libs are not !

  • cadwallader

    Itchop: The point Gantt is making is that the commie wide-arse doesn’t deserve to be PM. She is there due to a quirk of the system NOT by the desire of the constituents.

  • gazzaw

    Trev needs to communicate with Goofy as his instructions about detail are not being adhered to by his Glorious Leader. When being interviewed this morning by Susan Wood on ZB Goofy said that the polling would improve once the public read the detail about CGT. Was Trev wrong after all?

  • That is what I meant, Cadwaller. Australia has introduced MMP by stealth.

    That, and the fact that the Welsh Woodpecker has about 6 weeks left. Simon Crean’s odds have shortened from $111 to $11, and one of the online bookies has closed its book!

    Labor in AUS are about as popular as Labour in NZ, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole house of cards come crumbling down. Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister by the end of the year, if only he can find someone to shoot Malcolm Turnbull in the back of the head.