Txt from New York

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Txt from New York: Helen and Trevor chat


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  • reid

    Silent-T does look “hot” one supposes were one a giggling Hulun.

    Perhaps it’s cause he’s explaining to the poor people how much money he’s taking off the rich people.

    What a Silent-T.

  • whalewatcher

    Silent T, Cun*iffe, was just moaning on the 10pm Radio news about lack of capital gains tax on the famous Sam Morgan Trademe sale.
    I just Wiki’ed this – guess what, Trademe was sold to Fairfax in… 2006

    Now, who WAS the Govt back then?

    doh, could it have been Labour?
    answer – YES
    Is Cun*iffe in Labour?
    answer – YES

    Perhaps, in 2006, as Immigration Minister, he was too busy to worry about Capital Gains tax legislation.

    Now, however, his nasty politics of envy are showing through

    And he is such a see-through hypocrite to think we wouldn’t realise he is now complaining about his own Govt’s lack of Capital Gains tax