Wednesday Weapons – Bomb Disposal

Watch this Thai soldier get blown up as he checks out an abandoned car in Bangkok and then get up and walk away. Those Bomb suits are the business.


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  • jman

    Poor Thailand. They got problems with their muslims, like everyone else.

    • thor42

      Agreed, jman. They’re a Buddhist country, of course, which always reminds me of the Bamyan Buddhas which were blown up by the Taliban.
      Westerners who are not familiar with Islam are always saying that “oh, the Taliban are “extremists”.”
      Not so. They are following Islam straight from the Koran. There is **no such thing** as “extreme Islam” or “moderate Islam”. There are only Muslims who do not blow things up, but that does not mean that the religion itself is “moderate”. Far from it.

      The Koran makes things very clear. Muslims have no choice – to be a Muslim, they must follow everything that it dictates. There is no “picking and choosing”. The so-called “Muslims” that you are I are familiar with either are not familiar with the violent verses in the Koran (possible, since a huge number of Muslims can’t read Arabic, the Koran’s language). Or, they deliberately choose to ignore them. In that case, that really makes them apostates, not true Muslims.

      As no less than the Turkish PM recently said – “There is no such thing as “moderate Islam”. There is only Islam.”

  • spiker

    Does Repco stock those alarms? I want one!

  • Ciaron

    Might not have gotten up so quicky if he had been opening the boot…

  • roger

    Hone Key had better be wearing one of these when the economy blows up in his face (and it will).