What do these guys have in common?

What do:

Brian Jones – Rolling Stones drummer

Jimi Hendrix – rock legend

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison – Doors frontman

Kurt Cobain – lead singer Nirvana

Amy Winehouse

have in common with

The Labour party and Phil Goff [Phil Goff has been in parliament for 27 years and Labour are at 27% in the polls]


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  • granny

    And tomorrow is the 27th?

  • Harsh. Harsh; but true!

  • james

    Ohhhhh…………….cold irony.

  • whalewatcher

    Brian Jones was a strummer never a drummer.
    He was the original lead guitarist and founder of the Stones.
    A great musician who let the drugs and paranoia get the better…
    Good friend of Jimi and Bob Dylan

    left handed
    greatest guitarist ever. period.
    Even Eric said so

  • whalewatcher


    ‘google image’ search Brian Jones and Graham Norton.
    I think there’s a love-child in the mix..