What next? Meetings in phone boxes?

New Zealand is in danger of becoming divided between the haves and have nots, Labour leader Phil Goff says.

Eighteen people heard Mr Goff speak at the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce inspiring speaker series at the Marlborough Convention Centre, in Blenheim, yesterday.

Labour is lagging heavily in the polls, however he said he was not despondent, and believed there was still a chance Labour could win the election.

Eighteen people turned up to listen to Goff?

If the numbers get any lower he will be holding meetings in phone boxes soon, with room to spare.

I almost felt sorry for Phil…almost.

The only “have not” I and see is Phil Goff.


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  • michaels

    Eighteen people!1
    By Fuck That’s FUNNY!!

  • axeman

    That number could take over as the most impor­tant num­ber in a coup.
    Presently it is “one”.

  • naylor

    Poor C**t. What’s the bet at least three of the 18 were his driver and his media/exec assistant and local candidate. LOSER

  • titanuranus

    18 heard him speak, but I doubt that any listened.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    The place sits 750.

    was there tumbleweed?

  • whafe

    Well if you heard the announcers on Radio Live that interviewed Goofy Goff this afternoon, one thinks he is going to make it and become prime minister come November….

    Says it all really….

    And hey, was on the station to listen to Paul henry, I enjoy his wit

  • thor42

    **Goof** in an “INSPIRING speaker” series? Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to be “perspiring”?
    Goof would be about as “inspiring” as a fresh cowpat. No wonder there were only 18 people there.

  • My thoughts as well Thor; Goff “inspiring”? Give me strength!

  • gazzaw

    18 people!! I’ll bet the local Liabore committee got a right bollocking. I wonder who ate all the sandwiches.