When is it too late for Labour to Replace Goff?

On July 12th this blog answered this question. Examples of Moore and Gillard show that less than 2 months from the election a leader can be rolled.

Practically speaking, the House Sitting Program dictates that Goff will be safe as leader if he makes it past the 6th of October. Until then he will need to watch is back.

Perhaps one sign that the end is nigh for Phil Goff is that all their latest taxpayer funded electioneering no longer features Phil at all. Just plain red and labour’s new custom font. It certainly looks like they have planned to roll him before the election and saved printing costs accordingly.


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    About 12 months ago I reckon.

  • sweetdisorder

    Yep, it was well known that Phil was just the stop gap, biding time after the departure of Clark and attempt to rebuild the party. IMO he has failed. The entire 2.5 years of Phil have been a waste of time. It is still Clarks party. The medicine that labour should have taken then, under Phil has just been delayed, so that the new bod who replaces Phil will have to take it. More of a poisoned challice delayed. Immediate dead wood clear out needed, start with the front bench.

    • thor42

      Yep – agreed. On my “boot on the backside” list would be Goof, King, Dyson, Dalziell, Street, Horomia, O’Connor, Chadwick, Burns and Barker. That’s the first swing of the axe anyway……

      • thor42

        Next to go would be Hodgson, Hawkins (he’s STILL there?!?) and Pillay.
        You will notice that my “pink slip” list is heavily weighted against the old fogies. There are FAR too many of them in Labour. For gawd’s sake…. Look at them here – http://www.labour.org.nz/mps
        Their list looks like a holding-pen for the local funeral director. ***No wonder*** people can’t stand them.
        They’ve got less energy there than a cowpat.

  • NX

    Per­haps one sign that the end is nigh for Phil Goff is that all their lat­est tax­payer funded elec­tion­eer­ing no longer fea­tures Phil at all. Just plain red and labour’s new cus­tom font. It cer­tainly looks like they have planned to roll him before the elec­tion and saved print­ing costs accordingly.

    Actually, that’s a terrific point.

    However, it could also be that they realise he’s an unpopular leader (Mr. 6%) & chose not to put him on the the election material, but still plan to keep him as leader.