Who makes it back in at 27%?

Watch the Labour Caucus start feasting off each other like starving rats as the polls get worse and worse. At 27% Labour lose the following:

23. Kelvin Davis    13    28%
24. Carmel Sepuloni    14    29%
25. Rick Barker    15    29%

Looks like there are another three “ones”.

Perhaps iPredict could run a stock on whether or not Phil Goff will lead Labour to a worse defeat than Bill English led National to in 2002.


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  • jabba

    Caramel and Rick .. super stars

  • gazzaw

    Can Liabore rearrange their list if they choose to?

  • adolffiinkensein

    Of course they can but I’d like to see Kelvin Davis whip Harawira in the electorate, come November.

  • thor42

    This poll is *great* news! The only way that it can be even better is to see Liarbore’s support at or below this level in the first polls taken after their announcement last Thursday (given that this poll only went until Wednesday, apparently).
    Anyway, this has made my evening!
    I think that in the next few polls, there will be a small “I’m not supporting a sinking ship” effect, as people will remember this 27% figure and abandon the Liarbore ship.

  • kehua

    Old Fills starting to look pretty Phukt alright.

    • gazzaw

      Have we seen Phil on TV aside from flashbacks to Thursdays joint appearance with Silent T? Parker did Nation & Cunliffe Q&A this morning, under normal circumstances surely Goff would at least have fronted Espiner particularly with the speculation about the ‘leadership’.