Will Flapper Dancing become the National Party's Morris Dance?

This years National Party conference has a 1930’s theme. As regular readers well know this blog cannot understand why the party is giving the media a chance to totally take the piss out of National by having its members turn up dressed as flappers, gangsters, bootleggers, burlesque artistes and fascists.

Via the tip line a reader has questioned if Flapper Dancing will mocked as mercilessly as the Morris Dancing at the Green Party conference.


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  • gazzaw

    This is a recipe for disaster. Could Trev have somehow infiltrated the Ball Committee?

  • reid

    I feel a much better option is the SAS theme since it has the aura of success and hardness about it that so typifies St. John.

    Ever since St. John unwisely saw fit to publicise their feats to their his benefit, they have become the vewy epitomy of success, happiness and just everything, really.

    They’re just super. So how come John is going retro, when he could be going macho? I believe the Village People put out a really gay good song about that in the 80’s. That could be the conference theme.

    Fuck I hope the organisers read this, heaps of great ideas.