Will Len Copy Venice to fund his Train Set?

Tourists visiting Venice are to be hit with a hotel tax from next month, as the Italian city tries to earn money to “save the city” from rising sea levels.

Visitors staying in five-star hotels will see 4.50 euros (£4) added to their bill from Aug 24, while those staying in less luxurious accommodation will pay according to a sliding scale of fees as the city edges closer to the long-vaunted idea of an entrance fee.

Venice council hopes the tax will raise millions of pounds for the urgent maintenance of the city, which is slowly sinking into the mud and is threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent winter storms.

“The fundamental objective is to secure from tourists who visit and love Venice a contribution to sustain a city that is unique, extremely precious but also extremely fragile,” said Sandro Simionato, the deputy mayor.

Venice risks being swamped by tourists – the city’s population recently dipped beneath 60,000 and it is invaded by the same number of tourists each day.

Yep I can really see Len Brown doing this, levying tourists to pay for the train set. It is certainly better than levying ratepayers on his train folly.



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  • kehua

    There are strong signals that the prick is looking at `Chimney Taxes`, nothing like taking air samples on a windless morning with shrouds of fog lying over the suburbs after the one of the coldest couple of days. Typical Lefty TaxTax taxtax habit supporrted by fabricated evidence.