You are who your friends are

Trevor Mallard has smeared plenty of people in his long, long, long career. He went a step too far in smearing me. Firstly I am not afraid of him, I don’t hold politicians in awe and I stand up to bullies.

Since beginning my asymmetrical war against Trevor he has followed the plan to the letter. He has engaged on silly issues, he has even challenged me to a bike race that I can’t lose, and he has kept up a constant stream of invective and abuse on Red Alert proving that not only is he unfit for government he is unfit for parliament.

Trevor Mallard doesn’t believe in freedom of association or even in freedom of speech. He certainly doesn’t believe he represents all New Zealanders as an MP. He smears, he denigrates….he roars like the crippled old stag that has lost his hinds.

Trevor likes to go trawling through peoples photos to attempt to draw conclusions. His logic is feeble and when he relies on rumours and gossip and lies he just looks hopeless. Today he even tries an attack on Happy Feet and me. Now Trevor used to be a school teacher, you would think a school teacher would know the difference between mighty Orca and a humpback whale. Trevor doesn’t. Probably explains why he became an MP instead of punishing children with his lack of intellect.

He thinks I missed that Happy Feet is a friend of his on Facebook. He is wrong. I knew that. I just wanted to do another post on another day. Unlike labour or Bomber I don’t fire all my shots in one go. They should have worked that out by now after I drip fed pain on to them with Whaleleaks, that I always hold stuff back.

Anyway since trevor thinks that because someone is a friend of yours on Facebook that you subscribe to their views or beliefs. That is why he, using his own logic, must be a man who supports the stoning of gays, is a Hollow Man, a drug lib­er­aliser, a filthy hater of poor and a per­son who walks goats and make bomb hoaxes. Now he is in the pay of the National party and Crosby|Textor as well as an evil right wing blogger.

Trevor Mallard is in the pay of National, a evil right wing bloggerYou are who your friends are Trevor. Plus even better I am now getting bonus payments for each post Trevor waste engaging me. Awesome thanks Trevor.

On another note, I think it is unconscionable for pure thought VRWC members (Not Happy Feet, he got biffed out) to be friends with filthy smear merchants and pathological liars like Trevor Mallard. If according to trevor Mallard you are who you hang out with then I simply can’t be friends anymore with people who are pathological liars. De-friending will commence in 24 hours unless they mend their ways.


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  • jabba

    Trev was my facebook friend for about a week .. it happened to be around the time that Dame Helen got her Knighthood. I suggested something, can’t remember exactly, about it not being deserved and bugger me, I was gone by lunchtime.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Oh dear humpback – you are beached. I blog on how you forgot penguin and a few hours later you blog saying it was intentional and you were always going to catch up. I you believe that you would believe Act will get 12% with Brash as your team told hopeless Hilary Calvert.

    • Trevor, the quickest way to get banned on this blog is to tell lies about me. For once in your miserable life tell the truth.

      Unfortunately I don’t think you can tell the truth. you are a pathological liar….oh and a cripple.

    • reid

      I blog on how you for­got pen­guin

      Trev, pray tell.

      How come it’s necessary to remember a bird so profoundly stupid, if happy, that he wandered from his brethren and didn’t turn around for 4,500 km?

      How come some people (I hope not you) seem to think this animal is somehow marvelous in every way and does this attitude worry you, as a former educational professional?

      • Stealing Underpants?

        1. Blog on Penguins
        2. ???
        3. Win Votes

    • “I you believe that you would believe Act will get 12%”

      With sentence structure like this, I hope you’re still on serious painkillers Trevor, because if not you should forget about going back into teaching when you get kicked out of Parliament in about 4 months.