55 days left to roll Goff


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  • Chris

    Not wanting to be a spoil sport (and you’re dead right about how it’s impossible for Goff to be responsible for anything positive that might happen for Labour), but there’s still a chance of a left coalition. If that happened the idiots in Labour would of course claim a mandate when they’d have none, but it’s possible that a particular mix of any of the variables of Dunne going down the toilet; the Maori Party losing too many seats and/or the party vote to Hone; the Maori vote getting split giving Labour a few of the Maori seats; Winston getting in either with a seat or 5%; even the unlikely outcome of Banks losing Epsom, could give Goff and his loonies a chance. Another thing, too, is that some of these possibilities carry with them a huge unknown factor as to extent. The right shouldn’t be counting their chickens, but one thing’s for sure: if the left get even a sniff away from the Beehive, it’ll be despite Goff and his band of lying thugs, not because of them.