A comment from a former Labour voter

A commenter posted this yesterday:

from a pre­vi­ous labour vot­ers per­spec­tive
I see that the Her­ald Arti­cles havent worked for Labour. Labour is call­ing out to peo­ple but not even an echo is return­ing. Now a 26% split between the left ‚and the right. With the Greens drop­ping ‚and Labour pick­ing up the slack. Do we smell a big Bar­be­cue sea­son com­ing on for Labour. All my fam­ily use to vote Labour, my mum, my dad, my aunties,my uncle but they have all switched. Labour has dis­en­fran­chised itself from its own vot­ers. By chas­ing fringe votes. Who would ever in their life see the West­coast falling to National.Labour is all about Tax ‚and Spend noth­ing about pro­duc­tiv­ity. As long as you take eco­nom­ics advice from the Fabian Social­ists you will con­tinue to lan­guish in the polls. Place more impor­tance on your core vot­ers ‚and less on the Pink vote ‚and you just might turn it around. No one in the coun­try at the moment sees any­one in Labour capa­ble of eco­nomic vision or capa­ble of run­ning a com­pany yet alone a coun­try. Get rid of the job for the boys men­tal­ity stop bring­ing in tired union hacks, and start bring­ing in smart busi­ness peo­ple. If the coun­try cant earn you cant spend you big gov­ern­ment and Social­ist ideals look extremely hol­low. If not laughable.

Food for thought for Labour after last nights polls.


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  • thor42

    Yep. I wouldn’t call National’s policy package hugely bold, but at least it is generally solid and based on common-sense.
    Labour, on the other hand, are just plain barking mad. More taxes, more borrowing (no doubt) and more spending.
    Labour are ***genetically incapable*** of seeing whether what is spent represents value-for-money, or whether spending should be axed. Working for Families is a great example of their piling on a massive amount of LOW-QUALITY spending.
    The **only** thing that does is encourage people to have more babies.
    Here – I saw this interesting article today –

    A very sobering article indeed.