A good grasp of geography

So Labour has asked Goffice staffer Deborah Mahuta-Coyle to take one for team in Tauranga.

In their boilerplate press release Labour makes an astonishing claim:

Although not originally from Tauranga, Deborah grew up further along State Highway 1 in the small town of Huntly, where her mother brought up her and her siblings on her own.

Now I’m not sure what atlas Labour has been consulting but as long as State Highway 1 has existed Huntly has never been just up the road from Tauranga which actually sits on State Highway 2.

By road on State Highway 27 it is Tauranga 133km from State Highway 1.


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  • Andrew Scobie

    I just about spat my weetbix all over my monitor this morning when i read that clanger. Raison du jour #30 as to why no-one should ever vote for Labour.

  • kevin

    ‘Maybe’ she means Turangi? Only because it is waayy down the road from Huntly, but on SH1….

  • Monty

    Maybe she was at the opening of the McDonalds in 1976 with Kris Fa’Foi in Tauranga??

  • peterwn

    It is actually an easy trap to fall into. People tend to imagine that two places far away from where they are, are just a few km apart when in reality they are much further apart.

    I was asked why I dod not buy something for the job from New Plymouth rather than Stratford because I gould get it at a cheaper Government contract price at NP – I pointed out they were 40 or so km apart and travel cost would blow away any saving. Similarly I was asked why I did not pop up to Brisbane to see someone when I was in Sydney – they are the best part of 1000km apart.

    So Labour’s current spin doctor probably has no idea of distances between places beyond the Ngauranga Gorge.

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  • thor42

    Well, if they are so stupid that they don’t know where these places are, then they sure as hell aren’t competent enough to run the country. I wouldn’t trust Goof to run my bath.