A kick in the guts

Greenpeace are plonkers, any sympathy people might have had for their cause was destroyed when they essentially graffiti’d, vandalised and littered Auckland yesterday with their leaflets and posters:

Volunteers who spent several hours yesterday giving Ellerslie’s town centre a spring-clean ahead of the Rugby World Cup say posters put up by Greenpeace overnight is ”like a kick in the guts”.

About 130 people, mainly locals from Ellerslie, joined forces yesterday afternoon, working for four hours tidying up the town centre, including scrapping old posters off poles, in order to prepare the town for the Rugby World Cup celebrations.

This morning those volunteers woke to find that Greenpeace activists have plastered many of those poles which had been scrapped clean with its latest campaign, targeting the fisheries company Sealord over its use of tuna.

That campaign may prove to be a costly public relations disaster for Greenpeace, with angry Ellerslie locals demanding they pay for the clean-up.

One of the organisers of yesterday’s clean-up, Denise Krum of the charity Tableside, said she had been fielding angry calls from volunteers all day.

”Overnight, our good friends from Greenpeace have plastered the town.”

Krum said the joint clean-up was an initiative with the Ellerslie business association, the Auckland Council and Tableside and had attracted a number of families who spent their afternoon cleaning.

Krum said one mother who had spent yesterday cleaning up told her she was ”fuming” at Greenpeace for undoing all their hard work.

Krum said seeing the posters appear ”overnight was a kick in the guts”.

”We worked damn hard for four hours and the very next morning they have plastered the very services that people had been scrubbing. We had been taking off old adhesive off old posters, so they had a clean slate [to stick posters on].”

Ellerslie Business Association manager, Sally Eustace, said she was disgusted with Greenpeace’s actions

”It’s tantamount to vandalism.”

They should be charged with vandalism, and billed.




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  • Quintin Hogg

    They also did the Greenlane area, adjacent to McDonalds, as well.

  • Rusty Kane

    Now the Eller­slie Busi­ness Asso­ci­a­tion should charge NZ Greenpeace for the cost of commercial cleaners to remove the Greenpeace posters.

  • Monty

    All Greenies are wankers in respect of their view that they have a god given right to stick up their bloody posters and grafitti a city. Some years ago WCC cleaned up every poster off every lampost around the city of Wellington. A week or so later there was some Green party vandalism and grafitti back. I rang the Greeen Party and asked them what the hell they were doing – then contacted that superior Sue Kedgley and asked why she thought oit OK to re-litter the city after the WCC had spent so much monry cleaning it up. And finally I lodged a complaint with the WCC about the Green Party vandlaism

    This election I will be looking out for similar vandalism and will be laying complaints with the WCC and the police for any such vandalism repeated.

  • No complaint that the article doesn’t actually tell us who Denise Krum is?

    Don’t you usually insist that media provide that sort of contextual information re: “concerned parents”, “school principals” etc.?

    • One of the organisers of Sunday’s clean-up, Denise Krum of the charity Tableside, said volunteers had contacted her yesterday, angry and disappointed.

      Looks pretty clear to me….she was there in her capacity as the organiser of the charity Tableside.

      But in the interests of your pedantry, she is also the daughter of former National MP and Cabinet Minister Graeme Lee, a christian, a member of the National party and a failed selection candidate in two selections races in 2011.

      Does all of that make what she said any less important in commenting on the wanton vandalism of Greenpeace?

  • nigel

    They also did a wankfest up Queen St they had bikes crusin up and down causing a huge traffic jam behind them, they also had a van spewing out smoke towing a trailer banner and had a plane flying over with a banner.
    WTF what happened to carbon footprints and other environmental concerns or are they hypocrites