A response from the Electoral Commission

A response to my email complaint has been received:

electoral commission response



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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Well, that’s not a bad start.

    Do you reckon they’ll finish their investigation before the bike race?

  • rouppe

    Who are simply going to say “no suspect, low priority” and bin it

    • No rouppe; Howard Broad has left the building. There’s a new police administration now, which may decide that it actually IS in the public interest to prosecute!

  • tristanb

    Good work!

  • Strike Two; a third strike, and Labour might be disbarred from contesting the election :-)

    • Frontrower

      We wish – but the thousands spent on legal costs and fines is thousands that can’t be spent on campaigning.

  • kehua

    Atta boy Cam, better start building a bigger Trophy wall, love it.

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  • Richard McGrath

    I hope this doesn’t fizzle out as previous attempts to bring the Labour Party to justice did, unfortunately.

  • reid

    “The commissioner has referred the matter to the Police.”


  • gazzaw

    Gret satuff WO. You might get somewhere now that Helen’s bum boy is no longer at the helm.

  • NX

    Just incredible… the party that introduced the most restrictive piece of electoral legislation in New Zealand’s history, then voted to repeal it when in opposition, continues to brake electoral law.

    This really get’s my goat.

    What’s worse is leftie supporters don’t even acknowledge there’s a problem, or that it’s even a problem. Of course if National showed this level of hypocrisy they’d go off their rocker. In fact if National did this they’d get more wrath from their own supporters than from the left-ards – and that is something the left-ard will never understand.

  • Richard

    Well done I just hope the police follow this up and lay charges against Labour!!!

  • Chris

    Why are people so surprised? I thought everyone knew Labour’s run by a bunch of thickos? Even lefties hate them.

  • oldlogger

    Well done WO.

  • thor42

    Good stuff! Anything that gets the party of the Clark-beast and Michael “rich prick” Cullen nailed in court is great with me.

  • mickrodge

    Congratulations Cameron.

    I’m happy to see this continue until the current Labour Party is a basket case begging in the corner sitting in a pool of its own filth mumbling incoherently.

    Cheats never prosper.

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