ACT's demise?

Today’s NZ Herald editorial talks about ACT and how they are struggling for relevance after the election by limiting their negotiating power before the election.

Like all other minor parties except the Greens, ACT has struggled with losing its leader, Richard Prebble, and losing its way in government. Now with the leading lights of ACT being Brash and Banks, ACT is struggling with maintaining its activist base, people who are frustrated with the direction ACT is taking and the people that are taking them there.

ACT looks increasingly unlikely to be able to rebuild, and this is not just now, it is well into the future. John Banks is a good friend of this blogger, and a good politician, but he does not motivate ACT volunteers and the people that will carry the party through the inevitable tough times when the right fall out of power.

I have been consistent in saying that under MMP National will not have any coalition partners in the near future. Nothing ACT have done in the past few months changes this view.


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  • Michaels

    What happened to Don’s stupid idea of giving a speech yesterday?
    Did he call it off? I heard nothing of it.

    I wouldn’t even consider giving ACT a vote now, Brash should have set up a new party and left ACT alone.

  • rouppe

    Indeed. I have been considering an alternative vote this year as I have been dis-satisfied with the timid approach National has been taking.

    However ACT are not compelling. There are no alternatives, and the recent announcement have me looking back at National again…

  • Paranormal

    I still don’t think you should write them off yet. Don is doing a big job around the country gearing up the party faithful. From what I hear he has revitalised a lot of members and has drawn in disatisfied National voters.

    The race is not run yet.

  • gazzaw

    I believe that it’s over to Banks now but in reality can he win Epsom as what in effect will be an Independent ticket? I doubt that as John is not the most charismatic of men. I agree with 95% of ACTs objectives but as a cohesive parliamentary unit they really are a disparate bunch of tossers. I believe that the Nats have to really go for all out victory now.

  • Todd

    I have been an ACT supporter for years,however I refuse to vote for any party that has a ETS policy or believes in AGW,which does not leave many /any parties to vote for.Strangly enough I am helping the ACT candidate here but have told him I will not be voting for ACT with their AGW policy.

    • Richard McGrath

      There is a NZ political party that supports repeal of the ETS, and suggests that government not be involved in any attempts to change global temperature. That party should be ACT, but it’s not.

  • Apolonia

    The demise of ACT is quite sad,they are looking more and more like the “last of the summer wine party”. Colin Craig’s Conservative party would have much more appeal.It doesn’t have ACT’s baggage and it’s leader doesn’t look like he will die in office.

  • whafe

    Agree with many points above, however I too wouldnt write ACT of as yet… I still talk to many people whom will vote ACT.

    Most of the principles resonate with a good many people, ACT need to step up and deliver to the people better… Brash is not an idiot, he will step up am sure as we move closer to the election…

  • andyscrase

    The ETS is not yet an election issue, but we are paying about $1 billion a year for a project that is at best pure vanity, and massively complex and bureaucratic.

    ACT has been the only party that has opposed this madness. It saddens me somewhat if this party falls by the wayside.

  • Caroenzed

    Perhaps Brash and Banks could get Act over the line this election then agree to the demise of MMP. I would vote for that.

  • thor42

    I think that Act’s best hope is for the eventual introduction of the STV voting system (*crosses fingers….*).
    With that, you have “multi-member constituencies” (electorates with a number of MPs), and it would surely be the case that in a few solid-blue National seats, you’d have a National and an Act member elected.
    I’d put money on Act being able to get at least 5 or 6 MPs under that system – probably more. They haven’t got a chance in hell of getting that under FPP or MMP.

    • ltchop

      me thinks Thor 42 does not understand STV ….. but from his comments he doesn’t understand too much ….