Afterburner: Rich Man Poor Man

Watch this.


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  • Cadwallader

    The politics of envy. The reason why scum like Clark, Anderton and their ilk exist.

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  • pwned

    While statistics can be presented in many different ways, this guy hits the nail on the head. It’s time that the government started telling us how many people are not net tax payers (receive more back in refunds or subsidies than they give), and for those people to actually show some respect and gratitude to the people who are net tax payers and make it possible for them to survive.

  • Richard McGrath

    Well said Bill Whittle! Note from the graphs that the gap between rich and poor had increased, but as he said the poor are also getting richer, often surpassing the average American of only 10 years earlier.

    Great explanation of the nature of envy. Bill Whittle also has quite a sense of humour, evident in his other appearances in Pajamas Media.