An invitation

Since I am having a great strike rate with holding politicians to account over electoral law I thought I would invite all readers to submit anything they think is corrupt to the tipline.

I will then draw the authorities attention to anything that is wrong, not just Labours, though there is an abundant supply of that material, but any party or individual with out fair or favour.

If the pinko lurkers don’t believe me then they should test me.


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  • Todd Josephs

    Every now and again we get a letter from Charles Chauvell on parliamentary letterhead and Labor branding telling us what himself and his boyfriend have been up to and it’s mainly visiting local schools. We live in Newlands in Wellington .The letters also contain surveys with misleading pitiful weak questions .Is this ok with the electoral act.
    The letters are addressed to myself and also my wife gets a letter as well.
    I really think these letters are a complete waste of taxpayers money and are full of fluff and waffle.Should I write a letter to Catrina Shanks to complain?

    • Scan them and send them to me via the tipline. I will remove all personal details and ask the Electoral Commission for advice.

  • thor42

    Corruption. I’d start with opening up Parliamentary Services to Official Information Act requests.
    These ***bastards*** work for us! They MUST be held accountable, and their spending MUST be open for scrutiny.