Another of Phil's lies busted

Yet another of Phil Goff’s lies has been busted.

Asked if he would consider letting the Prime Minister sit in, Goff said: “The Prime Minister would be very welcome to sit in. I would love to get all the same briefings that he gets.”

Note how he does that. Suggests that his briefing is somehow materially different from John Key. He is suggesting and cultivating the impression that poor Phil is left out.

However in another release and letter from the SIS to Scoop Media, Warren Tucker buries that lie of Phil Goff’s.

[scanned document]

There it is in black and white, for all to see. The briefing Phil Goff receieved was “identical” to John Key’s briefing. Phil Goff’s comments about getting different briefings to the PM is exposed for the lie it was.

Phil Goff hasn’t told the truth, either deliberately or by omission from the get go in this whole sorry affair. He needs to come clean, or failing that apologise.

If he does not it shows quite clearly that the man is unfit for office. I wonder though why he is continuing to keep this issue in the public domain?


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  • kevin

    lies, red herrings, bluff and bullsh*t… same old recipe. Tiresome but slightly amusing especially when it not well covered in other media. Quite pointed.
    CG tax/’expert panel progress? ummm err dunno about that, too busy with the SIS denigration.

    • And too busy worrying about the price of All Black jerseys…

  • abjv

    Why keep it in the public domain? Four possible reasons:

    1. Incompetence
    2. It is keeping something much worse out of the media
    3. Alzhiemers
    4. There’s a real doozey of a briefing that Phil knows is coming, desparately wants to not formally receive it, and desparately wants everyone to know he has not formally received it.

  • abjv

    Four possible reasons
    1. Incompetence
    2. Keeping something much worse out of the media
    3. Alzhiemers
    4. There’s a real doozey of a briefing that Phil knows is coming. He desparately wants to not receive that briefing formally, and also wants everyone to know he hasn’t received it.

    • Hollyfield

      I reckon it’s number 2, above.

  • Remind me to… never… ever… make you so interested in me that you analyse every sentence I utter.

    You are devastating poor Goff and are using his own words to do it.

    I can’t watch any more. This is like picking on the retarded kid. Stop now. Enough.


  • TitanUranus

    There is probably no need for him to be briefed by the SIS ever again anyway ,seeing as he will be gone by the end of November.
    But if he is ,my nana can hold his hand if his nana is unavailable.

  • Kram

    I agree petal. This bashing Phil trip has taken on all the hallmarks of the school bully kicking the little kid whens he’s down. Its getting embarrassing to watch.

  • Jeeves Ponzi

    Not quite right, or accurate – Only the documentation has been proven to be identical (and I wonder indeed if it is, as Goff’s copy had a handwritten note on it referring to Goff – did Key’s copy have the same handwritten note?).

    This is not proof at all that the ‘briefings were identical”.

  • DyannT

    There’s an easy end to all this.
    Mr Goff could resign, effective as of now.

  • kevin

    and the architect of his foolishness? goff himself. So long as he keeps spouting the ‘various version’ bullsh*t, may the comment keep flowing.