Are Parker and Cunliffe low altitude flyers?

This is a delightful You Tube clip of the Lizard of Oz, Paul Keating, destroying Costello and Howard over their leadership ambitions.  Look at Howard’s face when Keating relays how things went down. Priceless.

The similarities of what is happening now with Labour  with Parker and Cunliffe suggests they may be low altitude flyers.


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  • Alex

    This is the wrong clip mate. You’ve embedded the one where Keating mocks Howard over a lunch with Kerry Packer, not where he calls Peter Costello a low altitude flyer…

    • Yes, I have fixed it now….I picked up the embed code from the second video.

  • Ben

    Thing of Class from Paul Keating.
    It is amazing how we can view history with such hindsight – as we know Howard and Costello would become PM and Treasurer of Australia from 1996 for a very long time. Also during a time of some Australia’s most successful years as well.