Aussie troops in Afghanistan

via The Brigade

Interesting load out, especially on Steyr AUG.

Aussie Troops in Afghanistan


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  • thor42

    Good stuff – go the Aussies!

  • Insofaras

    What’s interesting, that we had a similar set up in Timor over a decade ago. Prob a 4x wildcat (or modern brand equilivant) and a simple infared among device. Wats mor the long barrel 508mm which gives little significant ballistic advantage, and is a pain around vechicles and solver to swing on rapid moving targets.

  • caleb

    im liking the painted barrel and reciever and gps on the wrist… btw, where is the jellybean cam? no one carrying a gpmg…? nothing like firing that from the hip.

  • spiker

    Sight is a ELCAN SpecterOS3.4x I looked at one for service rifle comps but decided to go with the Trijicon Acog TA01.