Brand destruction through arrogance – Adidas

Sometime you really have to wonder at the arrogance of so called brand managers.

I really don’t know how Adidas thought they could get away with charging Kiwi fans double what off-shore fans are being charged for the new Rugby Jersey.

It isn;t a surprise that images like this are cropping up now.

Adicash - pay up suckers


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  • Bart

    On the plus side, there’s always a job for Phil Goff in the adidas marketing department after the Labour Caucus roll him!

  • orange

    Do Adidas sell briefs?

  • spiker

    Amazing. All that sponsorship goodwill being flushed..

  • Cadwallader

    The only people who need All Blacks jerseys at rugby tests are the players. If this stupid scrap is all NZers have to be concerned with (and I don’t think it is!) then things aren’t too bad. Why not have the would be jersey wearers concentrate on rolling Goff instead of this side-show indulgence?

  • peterwn

    Parents everywhere will be relieved when their kids start considering that Adidas, Nike etc sux and stop bellyaching them for the latest sneakers etc.

    Adidas etc no doubt loves globalisation when it can source its products cheaply from China but hates it when it undermines its ability to screw customers.

    This has also severely damaged the NZ retailers’ lobbying for GST to be payable on small private imports. In this instance, the GST is not the problem, but the associated Customs handling fee (possibly $40 – $50 on even the smallest parcel) is what would get peoples backs up.

    Kiwis have been hit around the ears for decades by being the last in the world to have access to new movies, goods, etc and then having to pay through the nose for them.

  • andy

    maybe you should find out what Addidas is actually charging the retailers for a shirt wholesale.
    This surely would shed light on the markup retailers like Rebel Sports put onto these shirts

  • MarcW

    Send a message to PR relations at Adidas world site:

    Tell them what a total PR disaster they have achieved from what should have been a celebration.

  • Pete

    A complete ballsup by Adidas. They have completely misread consumer sentiment and have compounded this by a rigid response. Fancy trying to stop internet sales from finding there way to NZ. Talk about trying to turn the clock back. The brand damage will be huge.

  • Jman

    I got 2 words for Adidas. Screw you!