Chris Christie on Teachers Unions

The same applies here.


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  • Cactus Kate

    Brings a wee tear to my eye every time I hear the great one speak,

  • thor42

    He is **great!** Geez…. this country could really use someone like him. I still think Tolley is a complete wuss. Nowhere near strong enough to take on the teacher unions.

  • notavictim

    Exactly the same situation as here, school boards even pay membership to nzei under the principles contract ffs.

  • The Frontrower

    I’m interested in the latest teacher union advertising that’s on TV. The union claims more resources is the answer to improve NZ compulsory education. However, the biggest thing that makes the difference in education at all levels is the quality of the teacher. If Tolley/Key/English/Hide had some balls, they’d campaign on performance pay for teachers – if a teacher can consistently turn around a class of kids from a poor backgrounds then they are worth more than any Education Minister.