Clark is back, campaigning hard for Labour

Helen Clark is back in the country and it appears is campaigning hard for Labour.  This ‘inaugural event‘ is being advertised and authorised by Carol Beaumont.

What do we know about this arrangement?

NOTE: This PO Box resolves to a natural skin care company called Pacifica Organics…  The sole director of this company is Jenny Agnew who also happens to have a grassroots Labour website..   and is a well known Labour supporter

So this inaugural lecture series is a Labour fundraiser and Helen’s raising the cash. I wonder who is paying Helen Clark’s bills while she’s here fundraising for Labour?

She is back running the campaign!

Has Trevor been given the arse?



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  • Steve Wrathall

    World poverty been solved then?

  • Snowman

    Not sure whats going on but sounds if Clark is very active behind the scenes trying to revive the tired Labour Party.

    I see that photo is being used again …Everyday she must get down on her hands and knees and thank God for the person who designed Photoshop.

  • nellie
  • peterwn

    A top United Nations official should not be interfering in the internal politics of a member nation. However I suppose the UN Secretary General or the UN itself could not care less in this instance.

    Now if a senior UN official interfered in the internal political affairs of some tinpot dictatorship then all hell would break loose.

  • Gazzaw

    Heaven forbid that the UN would interfere with Zimbabwe’s internal ‘political system’.

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Waddya know. Bumber, the useful village idiot of the leftards is attending. Getting some intel for the mana-LESS party campaign?

  • Care to reconsider the post Cameron?

    • Why should I reconsider the post? She is clearly booked to speak and help raise funds for Labour and for Carol Beaumont.

  • thor42

    I have no problem with Clark being here for her ailing mother and attending the funeral.
    However, I *do* have a problem with her using her time here to raise money for Labour, and interfering with this country’s politics.
    This is **surely** a “conflict of interest” between her UN job and this country.
    With all due respect for her (which is none, coming from me….), she should attend the funeral and then ***get the f**k out*** of this country.