Comments issue

I have had an issue on the blog with comments and the ability of people to register.

I will turn off that functionality so that anyone can comment and see how it goes. Hopefully it will allow those frustrated commenters out there the freedom to now comment.

I have a re-build underway soon which will restore functionality, but feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

I trust the Whale Army will deal with any silliness.


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  • At last..

  • Didymo

    Cameron Slater why don’t you try being nice to people for a change, why do you have to be mean to Phil Goff all the time, what’s he ever done to hurt you? Try and turn the other cheek and be nice to the Labour Party for once.

  • I’m on stag….

  • “Cameron Slater why don’t you try being nice to peo­ple for a change.”

    Compared to 12 months ago, Cam’s a fluffy little kitten. How nice do you want him to be, exactly?

  • Richard

    When and where is the competition with Mallard?

    • 21st August, starting at Musick point 1:30pm

  • caleb

    good move..

  • positan

    Didymo – if you think that holding Labour MPs to account devolves on “being nice” to them, then you’re probably possessed of the same sort of detached and vacuously uninformed attitudes that are so prevalent among the dreamy Left. There’s a hell of a lot for which Labour is answerable to this country – cardinal among them, its triennial pretence that its MPs are remotely capable of rendering responsible government.

    Coming as they do from backgrounds as stuntedly diverse as student unions, who have no idea of management; and industrial unions, who don’t manage – none of Labour’s MPs have any sort of business background or are possessed of talents that might aid, instead of harming our economy. Provenly, Labour MPs sole capabilities lie in the realms of ill-considered and irresponsible spending and, in a less liberal state than our own, fitting justice would have them held personally accountable for their financial atrocities. ACC alone, under Maryan Street, sustained losses of $2.4 billion in 2007 and $4.8 billion in 2008. In China, she’d have faced execution.

    Goff came straight from university into a parliamentary seat – and, with the exception of his huge public-funded remuneration, whatever he’s learned since hasn’t in any way proved to be of notable benefit to the country.

    In the main, Labour MPs are little more than time-wasters and performing jackasses in the House – possessed of unrealistic agendas and hatred for any who speak in opposition to them.

    • DangerMice


    • mort

      Didymo is obviously taking the Mickey, its called sarcasm Positan.

    • hard1

      (Missed a comma after harming) . Yes , Labour blew our lottery ticket , became obese , and is now about to loose it’s benefit and get kicked out of the state house . Finally we can get real . Thanks positan , and many more thanks to Goff .

  • deputy

    Cam. I find that the right wing bloggers are very relaxed when compared with the anal left. For some reason known only to them they take themselves very seriously and have tunnel vision looking forward to the election. If they got their shit together they could be a threat but they are too busy trying to take down J K. Playing the man rather than the game.

    Goof is Nationals secret weapon.

  • Does this mean that I can finally make a comment? And I thought you were suppressing my right to free speech …

    • Doc

      Free speech is something that is more prevalent here than a lot of the lefties blogs. However, just because you think it doesn’t mean it’s going to be right, and your comments are much more likely to be held to account here than The Double Standard… :D

  • Just a small tip. If you’re having big problems with commenting systems, why not go back to Disqus? I’ve been using it several years across several sites and find it makes life much easier. You can still use Akismet for anti-spam if you want, but it also uses their own system which is pretty good.

    Its theme-able and as easy to get started as just creating the account for the site then installing the plugin into your CMS. Not to mention making things like twitter/facebook integration simple.

    Moderation is much easier to manage as well. They have Android and iPhone apps for moderation as well as the web interface that plugs into WordPress (or any CMS really) as well as being usable from their own website.

    Just a suggestion.

    • I liked Disqus when it first came out but there were a number of issues with Fb integration back then. Sounds like those have been ironed out so I may look at it.

  • Grizz

    I have been unable to comment for a while. I have had a lot of pent up energy regarding the phil Goff Stupidity.

  • Gus

    Could not post on the thread so … I”ll just make the point that if after years of loyal service someone accused me in a very public way of essentially lying … I would make sure the response to your OIA was done in uber quick time. Is that wrong … no … is it ethical … well no no law was broken …. is it an attempt to defend your reputation … seems like it to me. If that is indeed the case then its great to see a public servant standing up to a Politician who clearly thinks he can say or do whatever he wants without regard to the effect on someones reputation. The real question though is what damage has this done to Labour and will we see this flow to polling ?

  • Cartwright

    Right lads, we’re in –

  • Notavictim

    Well done Cam, I’ve had trouble registering myself.
    POSITAN- Well said that man, totally agree they have no experience or business nous, and are full of jealousy of anyone else’s success. The original instigaters of Tall Poppy Syndrome.

  • michaels

    FFS Whale….. Mickysavage?!?!?!?!?!

  • t-up

    A step in the right direction. Would you allow html in comments posted here?