Coup Watch?

via the tipline

Spotted having coffee this morning at Ujazi in Napier, Labour caucus members King, Chadwick and a bored looking Shane Jones, later joined by Nash.

Their meeting finished, the girls went in one direction, the blokes in another.


UPDATE: Another tipsters says that it was Rick Barker. That makes the meeting even more curious. The Deputy Leader and the two whips with Shane Jones, the leadership aspirant.


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  • BevanJS

    It’s a big town, they could easily have all been there for any number of different reasons.

    • Coventry

      Napier, big town… yeah right.

      • BevanJS


  • Chris

    Not sure about the quality of that intel Cam, for a start, I was having coffee with Stu at 11am at Cuba Street Cafe (on Dalton St for anyone in Napier). Much more relaxed and the coffees come with side serving of a jaffa and a jet plane!!

    • Shaun Telford

      It was Barker not Nash at the table, maybe Nash wasn’t invited

      • Interesting…so the Deputy Leader and two whips together with a leadership aspirant. Very curious.

  • Shaun Telford

    I was two tables down from the, to correct it was King, Jones, Chadwick and Barker didn’t see Nash, maybe he wasn’t invited.

    • Chris

      Shaun, what we really want to know is what you thought of the coffee at Ujazzi..?

      • Shaun Telford

        As always excellent. Could only have been improved if served with a free jaffa & jet plane.

  • sthnjeff

    And all well away from there respective “Home Bases”

  • sthnjeff

    And all well away from their respective “Home Bases”

  • dryballs188

    Oh my, if those wizened up old harridon”s, well past their used by date, full moon king and good old boy Steve, are movers & shakers in the coup, things will never change in the labour party. It is doomed to opposition for at least 3 terms.
    I look at the “new blood” and what do I see? Not much.

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      Not enough new blood, and what there is in quite average in ability. At this rate, labour can only win in 2014 by National deafulting or self-imobulating in some horrd manner

      • thor42

        Agreed. Even if Labour *did* manage to scrape a win in 2014 (and gawd, I hope they don’t…) – it is hard to see them lasting more than one term. I mean, *really* – what have they got to offer? Naff-all. They’ll tax, borrow and spend like it’s going out of fashion.
        I reckon that even at this early stage that the Nats can sneak home in 2014. I think we may well see a round of tax cuts promised at that election by the Nats – to be brought in if they win. That could well be just enough to see them get in.

  • TitanUranus

    I probably should`nt admit this but, I`m a little proud of the fact that I have not got a clue what Nash, Barker or Chadwick look like,could`nt distinguish them from a bar of soap.
    So don`t expect any tips from me, the next time I`m having a coffee in some exotic location like Napier.

    • thor42

      Same here. I can recognise Goff, King and The Duck (and Darren Hughes, thanks to his exploits…..). That’s about all, though. The rest are just completely forgettable.

  • Apolonia

    Maybe the video shops in Napier were closed

  • Gravedodger

    So what Hosking (Newstalk ZB Breakfast host) said in jest about Kings no show with Steven Joyce on “Politics Wednesday” and replaced by Mallard, was maybe closer to the truth than Trev admitted.