Curran gets support from unlikely quarter

Clare Curran has won the support of Cactus Kate:

Over the past few days I have watched from a distance in horror at the left-wing turn on Clare Curran to the point she’s now issued the sort of apology that only a woman could be forced to make.

The post is utter bullshit. I hope she doesn’t mean a word of it.

Politics is a passionless sport at times. People selling out their souls and beliefs to appease and bow to supposed “supporters”.

Clare knows the real enemy and realises that the more votes to Labour’s real competitors the Greens and Maori Party, the less likely the “ones” are to be re-elected. Such as Stuart Nash, apparent superstar in the making Carmel SepuloniNanaia MahutaSue Moroney,Brendan BurnsClayton Cosgrove.

I have watched twitter and seen the posts by supposed left-wingers as they’ve turned on Curran’s passion for politics.

Cactus at her finest smacking down Lew and other assorted whiny-assed pinkos:

Lew from Kiwipolitico who wouldn’t be happy surrounded with free hookers and his pants down, the sarcastic uselessness of Danyl at Dim Post, the unsteady Eddie at the Stranded.

But the best lines of all are at the end:

What hurts the Labour Party the most are passionless, fly-by night supporters who have no soul. Who don’t back the very people like Clare who are sacrificing their own personal lives to actually advance their cause. If what she is saying in a 90 hour work week is a mistake, who gives a fuck? The real question is what their Leader is not saying in his 89 hour week.

It is never a mistake to show passion for anything that you do. You should never apologise for that. You should stand up and face your critics and challenges them to do better than you.

If Phil Goff showed as much passion for the Labour Party as Clare Curran, we wouldn’t be counting down his days left as Leader of it.


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  • rouppe

    This isn’t about “showing passion for anything that you do”

    This is about being churlish because others don’t share the same passion for the same thing.

    This is about being indignant that others think you’re not worth supporting.

  • Cactus Kate

    Why apologize for it? And Clare isn’t the first MP to say these things. Although you’d think so by the over reaction from her own side.

  • rouppe

    Maybe she’s not apologising for being passionate.

    I might be passionate about lazy pricks throwing their cigarette butts into the gutter. But if I go up to one and thump them, I can’t expect to be forgiven for being passionate

  • Pete

    Can’t agree with CK on this one. If passion equals vindictiveness and spite CK may have a point.

  • Mickrodge

    I’m still trying to come to terms with Carmel Sepuloni being described as a “superstar in the making”. Really…according to who?


  • Cactus Kate

    Whatever Curran has, Goff needs it. In bucketloads. Her frustrations recently are the sum of weeks of having pathetic colleagues and fair weather supporters.