Darien Fenton SMOG

Darien Fenton wrote a nasty little post the other day.

I wonder when she wrote it if she knew that Judith Tizard once described the band that played at the National Party dinner as: “longstanding and well-loved names in the music industry”.

It seems there isn’t a day that goes by without some genius in Labour scoring an own goal in social media.


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  • mikms

    I believe she is now only a list MP after the 2008 election race against John Key in Helensville; it seems Labour don’t want anyone anyone with a chance of entering parliament to debate him… on another note Jackie Blue is taking another go at Mt Roskill

  • kevin

    What a rude little prick… Envy politics showing through.

  • oldlogger

    Kevin, Darien is a she.

    • kevin

      ok… prickette then

  • elmer

    Oldlogger, with a name like Darien, you have to wonder…

  • Mully

    Even the majority of the people leaving comments on HER BLOG are bagging her.

    That must be depressing, really….

  • JK

    Rude is the word to describe the current lot of NZLP members of parliament. So rude that Trev got kicked out of the chamber…
    Finally Lockwood_Smith had had enough of him and gave him what he deserved. Good on you, Mr. Speaker! I salute you!

    • gazzaw

      Understandable though JK. Trev hasn’t been brought up in a party where the PM actually defers a question to the Minister responsible. When Mallard was in Cabinet (seems a long time ago Trev & there’s six more years to go at least ) no one spoke without getting a prepared script from H1 or H2.

  • V

    Is there a Labour MP available who isn’t worthy of laughter and derision these days?

  • whafe

    Well put yourself in my position, my first name is the surname of this prickette MP….

    • Cadwallader

      Deed poll time?

  • Manu Bay

    More proof Goff has lost control.
    The ugly front bums are running a muck!

  • So who’s the band? Off to the premiere of Te Movie tonight. Why can’t Harawira be as funny as Billy T, oh that’s right then he’d be really dangerous.