Dealing with rioters

via Andrew Sullivan.

It seems that the British public are sick and tired of the Police acting like a bunch of pansies and are taking their own precautions.

Just check out the movers and shakers on Amazon’s UK site in the sports section. The purchase of regular wooden baseball bats is up 3,263 percent in the last day. I don’t think baseball has suddenly had a boom in Britain. Top of the list: the Rucanor aluminum version, up 6,500 percent. 7 of the top ten sports increased sales are for weapons.

The UK has all those battle hardened Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, why don’t they use them to rumble a few scum rioters?

Meanwhile the citizenry will defend themselves with what they can obtain.


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  • rouppe

    In the panic of full-on rioting through the night, those caught looting, wrecking and burning ought to be shot on sight

  • mickrodge

    Round them up & ship them off to Syria/Lybia/Singapore/Dubai

    See what their cowardly looting & rioting gets them over there.

  • gazzaw

    There are a few likely lads who would far prefer sorting this rabble out than dealing to the Taleban in the Helmand province. Bring the boys home!

  • spiker

    Korean store owners in the LA riots looking after themselves.