Dirty MMP deals?

Oh look….

Labour Candidate Megan Woods door knocking with Progressive (former Alliance Party) Leader, Jim Anderton.  But Labour doesn’t do deals with other parties…

Jim Anderton and Labour Candidate


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  • whafe

    Gordon Fucking Bennett, these Pinko’s are making a new definition for Hypocrisy…..

    I mean it seriously, how on earth can these Labour people really think that what they are doing is going to work, it is plain as day to see that it is causing the total reverse… I am stunned on an hourly basis by these 2 year old sand pit antics… Well to be honest, 2 year olds in a sandpit play far better !!!

  • orange

    It’s Mad I tell you, Mad!

  • thor42

    Yeah…. Jim Anderton, as in Jim “I-didn’t-leave-Labour-Labour-left-me” Anderton.

  • spiker

    Damn our gun laws, if that isn’t a good reason to keep a shotgun behind the door I don’t know what is.

  • pdm

    If that is a Labour rosette that Jim has on shouldn’t he be reaying the hundreds of thousands he has rorted as a so called Party Leader?

    • thor42

      Two-timing Anderton can’t go with one party this week and another one the next.
      Either he’s in the Regressive Party or he isn’t. If he has switched to Liarbore, then he is damned-well liable to cough up the party-leader funding, as pdm says.

  • pdm

    oops make reaying line 1 repaying.

  • thor42

    I’ve contacted the Speaker about this.
    Completely inappropriate, this behaviour by Anderton.

  • deputy

    Pass me a bucket. I feel sick. Imagine those 2 retards turning up on your door step looking for a trough to feed from. That witch changed camps very quickly.

  • Mike Readman

    One of the top stories in The Press the other day was this:


    How is that news??? You should have seen all the Labour MPs at Anderton’s launch for his mayoral campaign.