Explain this Phil

Goff lies

The note says “Read by/discussed with Mr Goff 14 Mar 11”

It’s really a moot point that Phil Goff won’t meet with Tucker in private. After November 26, he won’t be PM or leader of opposition.


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    That is what I believe is known colloquially as a “Slam Dunk”?

  • deputy


  • The 6pm thing is going to be a bit of a damp squib now, is it?

    • Full documents released then.

      • I like the tension you like to build, but it also allows the “professionals” to take the story away from you.

        Interesting to see that Goff felt he had to go on the offensive.

        Why his colleagues don’t roll him is completely **beyond** me. The Old School faction must have enough control and the young ‘uns no taste for a blood bath where their own future hangs in the balance.

        • I want them to take the story.

          • Fair enough :) Steady as she goes then.

  • kevin

    Whats up with goff? Is he losing (lost) his marbles??

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    On Behalf of all NZ, thanks for showing up the MSM to be the sychophantic twats they are.

    This is the lead story on Stuff, TVNZ website, and the herald as well. This has legs and it’s running. Well done!

    • ltchop

      Or maybe there are some people twistin’ stuff for their own gain …. I ask again why Wha’il and not Fairfax …. the stench is rising …..

      • Take your head out of your arse and you will find the stench dissipates.

    • And the National Party is PAYING for this!!!

      (rolls eyes – shakes head)

      • ltchop

        Petal I don’t believe you are that naive … neither am I . I don’t need to make school boy toilet barbs at people as wha’il seems so want to do – all I say this just the way this has played out has a very funny odour about it – I just call it for what it is. I don’t label people or use abusive terms … just mmmmmm

        • funkdup

          “the way this has played out has a very funny odour about it – I just call it for what it is”
          In your opinion.

        • You may very well like to know the way this information came about and was handled, but don’t you think that’s a bit of a diversion from the issue at hand right now?

          Also, it is clear Cam filed a request under OIA.

          So where exactly do you think the funny small is coming from?

          You aren’t naïve either, so can you move past the innuendo and actually put your finger on something?

          • small = smell (Cam, we want editing! :)

  • cadwallader

    WO is exhibiting the quality of reporting the msm ought be achieving and yet pricks like Itchop and Petal are deriding him. FFS! This has to be the end of Goof and his ridiculous Party.

    • Sorry, my sarcasm too subtle was it? Itchop got it!

      I’m such a fan of Cam’s work it’s almost embarrassing to me!

      • cadwallader

        Petal, I stand corrected and apologise. This is soooo much fun, eh?

        • I felt a lot of schadenfreude when Winston Peters hit the dirt. And I felt relief when Clark was given her marching orders, but in this case, I just want it to stop.

          Cam here is a better opposition than Labour. Cam here is a better investigative political reporter than most paid hacks.

          I get pleasure from seeing his hard work, analysis and games pay off.

          But no, I don’t think I get pleasure from seeing Goff being kicked when he’s down. I am ABSOLUTELY confused how he/Labour can continue in this vein. Are they really this delusional? Have they told the lies so often that they have started to believe in them? Are they truly The Chosen Ones and the rest of us are /still/ just expected to ‘wake up’ to their reality?

          It’s not the NZ way to take pleasure from seeing a weakling taken to over and over again.

          I just want it all to stop now.

          Please Labour – for the sake of respect for Goff’s career in general, and the man himself right now specifically – roll him and put him out of his misery.

          • cadwallader

            I agree. Are you suggesting a political form of euthanasia? The game has been over for Goff for months, yet not one of his caucus has come to his rescue and picked up the poisoned chalice. It is the responsibility of his colleagues (or are they enemies?) to sort out this mess.

          • Well said Petal. It is really unbelievable that he has not been rolled. It is cruel leaving him out there to take all the hits and to take the fall when they lose at election time. I respect people who go out fighting but Labour has shut the door to the house, pushed Goff outside and locked the door. They watch through the window as the poor man gets knocked to the ground and takes kicks to the head and stomach! I just can’t watch . it is too awful.

  • whafe

    Whale is coming across great on ZB…. Love it

  • sdm

    Goff is obviously lying. What does he hope to gain? People can handle a mistake if admitted. If he came out and said “look, I dont recall it, but I accept Mr Tucker’s word” then no story. Labour seem to have this strategy that they must never ever admit they are wrong, even when it is patently clear they are.

    Its beyond comprehension their lack of political nous.

    • thor42

      @sdm – “Its beyond com­pre­hen­sion their lack of polit­i­cal nous.”

  • funkdup

    I think Goff is just sick of his job, but nobody else will take the poisoned chalice from him. FFS, what does the guy have to do to get rolled?

    • thor42

      Yep. It looks like there isn’t anyone in Labour who is prepared to “take one for the team”.
      No surprise, I guess, given the wussy-natured panty-waistedness of Labour.

    • I know I know ( jumps up and down with her hand in the air )

      You take a Swiss ball add a little……..;)

  • adolffiinkensein

    I recall Lianne Dalzeil was forced to step down from her ministerial portfolio by the Bilious Bitch for the crime of ‘lying to the media.’ Goff’s transgression here is twenty times as bad as anything Dalzeil did and one would think that if Labour needed an excuse to dump him, Whale has given them a golden opportunity.

    One can only conclude that Labour is like a blanket. Shit sticks to it,

    Peters and Goff, turds of a feather.

    Quite sad really. Goff used to be quite a nice bloke.

  • gazzaw

    Interesting to note how all of Goofy’s old mates are rushing to his defence…………..
    Are you there Ruth, Trev, Annette, Lynnette????? Hullo……….

    • One thing is for sure – he’s not getting advice and he’s not being protected. He’s allowed to burn up. He will be the Sacrifice after the election. EVERYTHING will be his fault. They will start with a clean slate.

      This will work, with ONE proviso…

      …that Trev, Annette and the rest of the golden oldies take a quiet spot on the back benches.

      I can’t see it happen, can you?

      Whoever steps up after the election will not be seen as being anything new, and another three years of inept self-inflicted injuries will follow.

      I’m with Whale here – I like Labour to be an effective opposition. I don’t think National is God’s Gift to the Nation, and a little bit of checks and balances in the system is a good thing for all of us.

  • I would suggest that the emergence of this story and Labour’s extraordinarily bad behaviour in the House in the last two days are related. I’d also venture to suggest that Labour is seriously divided, and that there is no-one who can bridge that divide, and get them on track.

    Trevor Mallard spat the dummy and walked out of Question Time today, Carmel Sepuloni’s arrogance and disrespect for Parliament was some of the worst I have witnessed in 40 years of following politics, and Labour’s tactics last night after they had been ambushed on the Royal Society filibuster were puerile and spite-filled. As they are saying on Twitter: #Labourishistory

  • cadwallader

    There is one person who can end the present suffering of Goff and that is Goff himself. If he chose to spit the dummy and walk out the problem would then be one for his fair weather friends to solve. They’d be forced to put up a replacement…who?

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  • ltchop

    “Read by/discussed with Mr Goff 14 Mar 11″
    and the date was …. look at the hen scratchings – looks sooo professional ! couldn’t ever work our what day it was. If this is the quality notes of our SIS head …. gee I hope that some terrorist group doesn’t decide to look in our direction – cos we are toast!