Fairfax should publish their OIA request

There has been much commentary that Fairfax had their OIA request to the SIS refused.

I published my request of 26 July in full yesterday so people could see exactly what I asked for.

I think it would be useful if Fairfax Media published their OIA request so that they can be compared to see if there are any material differences between the requests and to also see the the date on which theirs was submitted.

I want to know who put in their request first and what were the differences between the requests. The only way that can happen is for Fairfax to fess up.


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  • hollyfield

    From stuff:

    Slater was given the documents five working days after he made the request. A day earlier The Dominion Post asked for the papers, but was told the request could not be treated with urgency. The documents were declassified on the same day that Slater made the request.

    The following day Mr Goff was contacted by Dr Tucker, who told him he had received legal advice which said the information had to be released “forthwith”.

    Mr Goff told Dr Tucker it was unusual to release documents so quickly, and asked for “a couple of days” and for a copy.


    The SIS refused to comment last night. The Dominion Post received the reports late yesterday. An accompanying letter from Dr Tucker said: “Your request differs from Mr Slater’s in that you have also requested reports prepared for the prime minister.”

  • I don’t blame Tucker for trying to poop all over Goff. Goff made it personal. You reap what you sow. Goff thought that he could do Hellen’s trick of shitting all over a public servant who is duty bound to keep quiet. Of course, the OIA request and some self-serving declassification was within the rules, so why not slap Goff in the face?

    It’s all a bit moot in the end – we’re beating a dead horse here.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    That’s not the only way, to find out.

    You could request a copy of the Fairfax request (and the response to it) from the SIS under the OIA.