Finally Goff speaks

Finally after two days missing in action, Phil Goff has got his sound bites organised enough to speak on National’s plan for welfare reform. As is usual he duffs his shots.

The Government should be concerned about creating jobs for young people and getting them trained, not whether they are buying KFC, Labour leader Phil Goff says.

Meanwhile the Stuff online poll gives us an indication of just how out of touch with mainstream New Zealand Phil Goff has become:


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  • Travis

    and he wonders why Helen is polling about the same amount as him…..

  • Agent BallSack

    Goff doesnt get the fact that the KFC comment was a throw-away line, not policy. In fact the policy deals with getting (mainly the lost generation – read: the kids that Labour ignored) kids into training and work, but fuck, never let the facts get in the way of a good whinge and Key bash Mr. Goff.

  • Oldlogger

    What a dropkick! Lookout Goof, the election result is going to look a lot like that stuff poll.

  • thor42

    I love this policy (and the national standards in education).
    Along with the national standards, it is about the government ***actually f**king DOING SOMETHING***, instead of sitting on its arse as Labour did for its nine long years in power.
    Let’s get to work on that abysmal figure of 20% of NZ children unable to read or write. That is **bloody shocking** for a supposed Western country.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Well, if little else, Goff knows all about KFC.

    He bought enough of it in 2005 to last a lifetime.

  • TitanUranus

    goofy, outta touch, outta time and outta here. The only downside he is on the public tit for the rest of his life, nice work if you a useless enough to be a politician.

  • tristanb

    The Herald poll was even more in support. I can’t find it, but it showed about 15% against, 85% for.

    • thor42

      Great! I **can’t wait** for the next opinion polls to come out!

    • gazzaw

      Close enough Tristan Nats 83 Liabore 17. Goofy felt the need to use the words ‘nanny state’ too. Leave well alone, Goof. That terminology is forever linked in the public eye with Helengrad.

  • Jimmie

    What I get from Goofs comment is that he doesn’t care if these benes’ are spending their benefit on KFC rather than on say the power bill, food for kids, petrol bill and other stuff.

    If you think a feed at KFC has gotta be at least $15-20 bucks. Say x twice a week = $30-40 bucks.
    If they get say $200 a week in the hand thats up to 20% of their $$ gone. And when their kid says on Sunday night mum I’m hungry they go here eat this piece of newspaper or have a glass of sugar water to get through until the next bene payday.

    Then what happens on payday they are so hungry the first thing they do is go and buy another $20 bucks of KFC again and the cycle carries on.

    Believe me I’ve seen it happen.

  • Gravedodger

    It took two days to come up with that!!