Friday Firepower – I just shot myself!

via The Firearm Blog

Tex Grebner shot himself while drawing his Kimber .45. His negligent discharge was caught on camera. The bullet traveled down his leg and exited just above his knee. I could not help watching it without wincing. Tex took full responsibility for the negligent discharge but explains how it happened. If you use multiple holsters for the same gun, this video is a MUST watch.

There is some NSFW language as you can imagine.


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  • John Spavin

    That man is so full of shit that Texans should take great care to stay out of his way in case he has another ‘negligent discharge’, this time from his fat arse.

  • P1LL

    Ouch . I bet he sticks to one holster now

  • Jenny

    whose face was on the target he was shooting at? Looked familar..??

  • Richard

    There are two types of shooters – those who have experienced NDs, and those who will. All credit to Tex for being using this video to reinforce tactical shooting safety and to keep the rounds going downrange at the goblins. Its the best way of redistributing wealth.