From Trans-Tasman yesterday

via the tipline, this was published in Trans-Tasman yesterday. It echoes what I said a week ago.

Meanwhile Goff questioned his front bench colleagues last week as to whether he should resign as leader. The questioning took place at a pre-caucus meeting of the front bench group. It followed publication of at least three opinion polls showing Labour slipping heavily in electoral popularity.

Caucus sources says the response to the question was muted, with one senior MP saying

“it’s up to you Phil.” There was no disagreement. The catalyst for a leadership discussion is the realisation if Labour slips further respected list MPs like Kelvin Davis and Stuart Nash may lose their places.

As I said, people who shouldn’t be talking with me are. There are serious problems in Labour’s caucus. The main problems is their factionalisation and the fact that no one is prepared to step up. The whispers about Shane Jones are just a prelude. The polls this weekend may provide the catalyst. The real issues though is there appears to be no one with guts and determination.

There is a real opportunity for someone not widely touted as a leader yet to jump in and gazump the chickens like Cunliffe and Parker and at the same time cauterize the ambitions of Andrew Little who is still outside of the parliament.


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  • rouppe

    Did that include Duck? Maybe that’s why he was pushed to the second row…

    As an aside, every time I post I get a message saying “no spam, enable javascript”, but I have javascript turned on…

    Wondering why…

    • thor42

      Yeah, I get the same message. A bit of a nuisance.

  • Pat

    Watch for Grant Robertson , the man whose ego knows no bounds to reach for glory.
    He wants to be NZ’s first openly gay PM and to advance the Rainbow Coalition. He takes Wellington Central for granted despite taking his eye off the electorate in order to further his climb up the greasy pole.

  • Scanner

    Best thing Labour could do after sending Goof packing, is to readjust their list and dump some of the oxygen thieves like Fenton, My Little pony, Caropotimus, Chadwick, Charlie Shovel, Sepuloni, and Strret to the bottom of the list where they belong.
    After all the she beast has left town and taken H2 with her, so they can actually start making decisions for themselves without fear of being struck down a bolt of lightning or worse one of the Clark stares.

  • TitanUranus

    respected list MPs

    LoooooooL, fuck off none of those around here.

  • Chris

    My prediction is that the next Labour leader will be David Shearer. If you’ve ever met him you’ll realise he’s got the charisma that none of the likes of Cunnliffe, Jones or Parker could ever muster between them if they had a million years to do it.