Goff backing down on his threats

Phil Goff, is as usual, flip flopping with his positions on the briefings he says he never had, but did have and now very clearly remembers the meeting (Beginning of RNZ interview and at 4’25”)?

Radio New Zealand Interview with Phil Goff.

How can he clearly remember something he has denied ever happening? The funniest part int eh interview is when he accuses John Key of being inept…pot, kettle Mr Goff.

Also, he appears to be backing down on his threat to have a third person in the briefings… saying he may take notes ‘or’ get a third person in the room. (4’40” in the RNZ interview0

NZPA also is reporting the backdown:

Wellington, Aug 5 NZPA – Labour leader Phil Goff says he will take notes or ensure a third person is present at any future meetings with the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) after a dispute about what documents he was or wasn’t shown.

Why can’t Phil Goff maintain a position?

So far he has said he was NEVER briefed, then he was briefed but just a little bit, then he says he never received any documents, nor was he shown them, now he says he clearly remembers something he originally maintained had never happened.


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  • titanuranus

    Welling­ton, Aug 5 NZPA — Labour leader Phil Goff says he will take notes or ensure a third per­son is present at any future meet­ings with the Secu­rity Intel­li­gence Ser­vice (SIS

    What ?
    Now he is going to take his nana to briefings?

  • thor42

    Gawd. The guy is a joke. It’s getting boring seeing how many ways he can f**k things up.
    I REALLY wish the election were this weekend.
    We could then put him in the “loser’s chair”, and he’d get rolled, putting him out of his misery.
    Putting US out of our misery too, having to put up with him.