Goff is a loser say the voters

3News followed up their poll of yesterday with some questions about Phil Goff and his ability to win.

In our latest 3 News Reid Research poll 78 percent of voters said he cannot win.

Just 16 percent said he can.

But it is not much better amongst his own believers – more than one in two Labour voters have lost the faith.

Fifty-six percent say he cannot win and just 37 percent of his own voters say he can.


So we asked Labour voters, should Mr Goff be dumped as Labour’s leader.

– 30 percent say yes get rid of him – that is one in three of his own voters.

– 65 percent say leave him there

– 5 percent did not know.

Again we asked Mr Goff – why does he not stand aside.

Extra ouch

One senior Labour MP told 3 News today the latest polls are “depressing and its dead man’s territory”.

The same Labour MP told us there was a less than 10 percent chance of Mr Goff being rolled, because the caucus was gutless and no one was willing to step up and take responsibility.

But there are Labour MPs agitating for change, but there are not enough of them.

The same MP told 3 News that talk of replacing Mr Goff is only “chit chat” and nothing more serious than that at this stage.

Yep, gutless. Labour are really exhibiting Pavlovian behaviour traits now.


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  • Doug

    Makes you wonder if all the Labour suporters left hang out at the Standard.

  • Doug

    Stupid Clare Curran trying hard to loose the remaining supporters.

  • Hokitika

    I’m not so sure that it’s gutless. Leave him there. By anyone’s measure it’s a hopeless case at this stage. They will roll him in the new year and replace him with Shane Jones who then has a three year continuing rehabilitation in a leadership role.

  • thor42

    I’m already looking ahead and thinking about the 2014 election.
    I still believe that the Nats can win that election. A bit more firm action on welfare (e.g. bringing in those cards for all beneficiaries, not just the young ones) will be welcomed, I believe. I reckon that tackling national super (e.g. gradually raising the eligibility age) will get good acceptance as well. Let’s face it – super as it is is unsustainable.
    Finally, the Nats should axe the DPB and Working for Families. ( Maybe force the DPB-ers to get work. )
    That would free up a **sh!tload** of money to be put into more useful things.
    I’m sure 2014 will be quite close, but I believe that the Nats could sneak in and win it. Hopefully Labour will make a few giant cockups in the next year or two to help National’s cause.

  • navyman

    This pack of losers is starting to piss me off. We are paying them to be an opposition and yet they cant even sort out there own in house shit.Labour caucus , do your f**king job now , sack your useless leader. If they cant be an opposition how the hell do they think they can govern ??

  • oldlogger

    Good call. Jones will be in rehab for more than one term though. I can forgive him for watching blue movies, hell, who hasn’t. But “I’m a movie buff, I’m not into buff movies”? Dumb, just Dumb.
    That will haunt him.

  • oldlogger

    Whats up with the message that tells me not to send spam and to enable javascipt?
    I’m sure you already realise, but it’s the reason to are getting double posts.

  • Gary

    “Chit chat”??? Sounds like words that Shane Jones would use… One of the issues standing in Jones’ way for the leadership is the porn situation, as is often pointed out. A bigger issue, which I think is highlighted in Clare Currans latest SMOG, is that labour is torn. Do they go right with Jones and allow the Greens to pick up traditional votes on the left? Or do they go left and leave National to clean up the centre? Interesting times…

  • Whafe

    Labour are fully just a pain in the ass now, all this crap and SMOG’s happening on a daily basis are a yawn….

    As navyman mentions, Labour just sort your shit, say it again, you are an embarrassment to NZ politics…