Goff Resurrects anti-American Theme

Phil Goff is so desperate, he’s attempting to resurrect the anti-American theme that Labour is so fond of running in an election year.

Of course the most infamous anti-American claim came from none other than Trevor Mallard back in 2005 when he scored an embarrassing own goal commenting about so-called American bagmen writing National’s policy in Washington.

But on Kiwi FM this morning, Goff rekindled this theme, by claiming New Zealand’s commitment to give aid money to rebuild Libya, is just a cowering sop to the US and NATO.

This is very interesting from Mr Goff, who was sidelined as Foreign Affairs Minister while the MMP king-maker got all the good foreign jobs in the last term of Helen Clark’s Government.

Because when Mr Goff visited there as Trade Minister in 2008 he said Libya was a valuable trading partner and not once in this statement does he mention the tyrant called Gaddafi.

“North Africa is a region that represents significant potential economic opportunity for New Zealand. Although from a small base, New Zealand’s trade with Algeria, Libya and Morocco has grown impressively over the last few years,” Mr Goff said.

“While agriculture remains the key driver for our exports to the region, there also exists significant potential for New Zealand businesses to expand trade in ‘new economy’ areas.

“My visit takes place at a time when Algeria, Libya and Morocco are all looking to undertake significant infrastructure investment, which could lead to important new opportunities for New Zealand. Establishing contacts at the Ministerial level, therefore, is very timely” Mr Goff said.

So today, Mr Goff is saying that because the dictator is gone, New Zealand should leave Libya to its own devices and totally forget any longer game in trade?

Surely, if they have “oil dollars coming out their ears” as Mr Goff says, then it might be worth getting on side so we can sell them some of the stuff that Mr Goff tried to sell them in 2008?

This is another clear own goal from Goff in an area where he’s supposed to have some smarts.


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  • pdm

    Goff would also have been up to his eyeballs in the $500KNZ paid to the Hamas terrorists by the Labour Government about the same time as he was photographed holding hands with the Palestinian terrorist leader whose name escapes me.

  • thor42

    ( Walks over to wall. Hits head on wall….. once…… twice…… three times….. )
    Good ol’ Goof. Pwned yet again by his comments in the past. What a complete moron and numpty.

  • diabolos

    Desperate or not – he is actually saying what a lot of people are thinking. Why are we giving money to an oil rich nation – where the new regime will be composed of people who a short time ago were fistpumping (interpret that how you will) for Gaddafi till they saw which way the wind was blowing over the dungheap.

    All political entities are equally at fault and equally self interested i think – they all do things for the sake of expediency. But fact remains – Goff is right – why exactly are we doing it? Just like why are we in Afghanistan? They are questions for the moment – when we have a government that says we are so broke we have to sell everything off – but lets chuck a few mill at Libya (which will descend into a 10 year plus civil war – probably with islamist factions vying for power and even more people will die than before) – and guess what – they may even offer to send our armed forces in to help settle libya in – at further huge cost to the taxpayer. After all – Sth Canterbury finance rich investors got a bailout so did bugs bunny and the rest of warner brothers and the list goes on. I wonder if we plan to give anything to outer mongolia at any stage.

    Desperate Goff may well be – but its truthful desperation one might think.

    • thor42

      I agree with you, diabolos – I wouldn’t give a cent to them. However, it’s the *hypocrisy* of Goof that gets me.
      He’s on record as burbling on about the “trade opportunities” in that area, and now he all of a sudden has an about-face. The guy will do *anything* to get votes, even if it means doing a 180-degree turn on what he’s said before.

      • diabolos

        Thats the point mate – they will all do anything – what i suppose i and i think a whole lot of others are looking for – is truthtelling that goes beyond the moment.

        Key has proved himself a master of how truth is the first casualty of combat. All he lacks is a media that will question him closely instead of the sock puppets who interview him. In fact i think they may enjoy having the prime ministerial hand up their nether regions manipulating their mouths. At least it looks that way.

        Whichever way you look at it – the Labour opposition are starting to tell the unvarnished truth about a few things – however incongruous it seems – and thats one of the good things about this current political environment in my humble opinion.

        To give an example of an analogous situation – Graham Henry the Allblacks coach and Richie mccaw giving the first sign of cracks in the facade that has become our national team. They may well win and good on them – but now SBW is talking about chucking the toys out of the cot and going overseas (sooner the better frankly – he is an insult to young players who are more deserving than some showpony… just an opinion) But the cold wind of reality is now blowing through the fog of manufactured spin – and to put it in the common tongue – they are shitting themselves. They may actually lose with the geriatric side they always choose – and leave the youngsters sitting out in the provinces. Its all just conjecture on my part. Its the same with this Government – Cam is absolutely right and he’s cottoned on to the fact that National could lose this election. I hope they do – but i also hope that Labour has the cojones to keep telling the truth.

        I didnt like Helen Clark – i voted against her – i do like Phil Goff – he was part of the Government that raped and pillaged New Zealand as we knew it – it was a great nation and something to be proud of. I believe he knows and remembers what was wrong at that time – and is the man to bring NZ back to its centre. Just like our economic situation is perpetuated by spotty faced treasury types barely pubescent, who arent old enough to remember what the last great fuckup was – its the same with politics and life in general. Dont reinvent the wheel.

        Thats as long as the special interest nutjobs and Beijing 5th columnists attached to Labour dont get a free reign that is …. in my opinion. Pansy got rightly ditched out of National – and there are a few Choudharys and Huos in Labour that also need to be shown the door – at least thats my take on it. Seems to be an awful lot of bods sitting in parliament or at least trying to get into it … who think their mother country and its culture is the epitome of what we should be … but they dont want to actually live there??? Strange.

        Goff is telling the truth – whatever we may think about that – i think thats a good start. Better than watching Key slime his way round Petra once a week. Its enough to make you barf into your morning coffee.