Green hypocrisy alert

The Greens are big fans of banning things. There is even a massive list of things they want banned. In the past several days they have posts adding more things they want banned. controlled or taxed.

Today they are talking about banning and controlling again, this time it is the Super Fund and where they invest.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman today said the fund had a “long record of complacency towards ethical investment” and it was no surprise it been caught investing in tobacco.

“The fund directors have been caught out previously for unethical investment behaviour after it was revealed they were profiting from the whaling industry and the cluster munitions industry,” he said.

“This is not a professional way to manage a $19 billion investment fund and risks serious damage to our reputation as a responsible member of the world community.”

I totally support the Greens attack on the Super Fund for investing in a company with a subsidiary that makes cigarettes .They should instead invest in cannabis and Kronic production which the Greens tell us is totally healthy and is about the only things they want un-banned.


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  • TitanUranus

    Lol at the Khymer Greens , they don`t quite have a grip on what freedom means,
    Russel` pol pot`Norman.

  • MarcW

    Try lighting up a cigarette at a Green Party function and you can imagine the reaction. But all sitting around in a circle taking a puff on a big doobie – arrh, it should be legal. Hypocrites ++

  • JK

    The color of green communism…

  • Agent BallSack

    Be a damn sight easier if we just Ban the Greens and their screwed up quasi political religion.

  • James

    Who is it who decides what is and what isn’t ethical? Surely some greenies would be happy for tobacco to be invested in as it slows down the rate of growth of the world’s population.

    Personally I find it objectionable that anyone would invest in wind turbine production and use due to its effects on the beauty of the natural environment – can I stop the superfund investing in that and get it to put more money into nuclear instead?

    • Not only that the mining of rare earth metals used to produce the wind turbines has a catastrophic effect on the environment that far outweighs any benefit a wind turbine may bring.

    • gazzaw

      How many millions of hectares of arable land have been taken out for the growing of plant material to produce biofuels?

  • Rockfield

    Hold On … Didn’t dear Old Jeanette Fitzsimmons hubby smoke (Cigarettes) like the Kingtson Flyer ????

  • Rimu

    The Super Fund also invests in Dongfeng Motor Group, who sells weapons to Burma.

  • TitanUranus

    Any chance Russel could let us know where he would build the first re-education camps and would it be worth my while putting in a tender?

    • gazzaw

      Forget about tendering, WO & his followers will be the first inmates. Better brush up on your Morris dancing!

  • John Q Public

    Why is it wrong to invest in cigarette mfg whilst it’s still legal?

  • tristanb

    Don’t forget Sue Kedgley’s campaign to ban DHMO – also known as the toxic dihydrogen monoxide!

    While they may know more about the internet than Labour and National combined, they’re so backward and anti-science, that no-one with a brain could ever vote for them.