Hee Haaaaaaaaw!

I really feel sorry for Phil Goff. Which advisor told him it would be a good idea to stand posed with donkeys?

An Ass and two donkeys

An Ass and two donkeys




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  • Roflcopter

    King, Goff & Little

  • Haha….Strange!

  • thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888

    say its an 80’s photo, please, who still owns a double breasted suit?

    well Winston of course, he will be buried in his (in fact I think he already was?…)

  • Hagues

    Look I’ve cloned Jacinta!

  • nzrckstr

    It’s from 2001. He probably thought it a good idea at the time.

    • It is never a good idea to be photographed with a donkey

  • michaels

    I am Don Key hear me roar….

    Fuck off whale and go get ready

  • notavictim

    which ones goff?

  • notavictim

    Sorry, I see now, must be the one in the suit.

  • Mully

    He-aw he-aw he-always has the worst ideas…

  • jennifer tooseman

    Donkeys are beautiful!!! They are smart and true individuals. They comply when they want to, unlike dumb sheep! I’d love to pose with donkeys. After all, isn’t John always telling us to be “ass-pirational”? If they were good enough for Jesus Christ, hey, they’re good enough for me. A baby donkey is WAAAAAAY cuter than John Key on his best day!!