How are you going to pay for that Len?

Len Brown has assembled a wish-list of massive spending.

The Auckland Council has drawn up a $5.5 billion wishlist to transform the city centre and waterfront over the next 20 years.

By far the biggest project is the $2.4 billion inner city rail loop, which is top of Mayor Len Brown’s list to turn Auckland into the world’s most liveable city.

The rail project aside, the redevelopment of the waterfront has been costed at $2 billion over the next 20 years and $1.1 billion to improve the central city. Both of the projects fall within the overall 30-year Draft Auckland Plan.

Len Brown has zero ability to pay for all that. He think she will be able to scare up the money from central government. Most likely is he will tax ratepayers hard to pay for his follies.


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  • Mr Blobby


    We won’t provide enough parking in the plan for all the people who come to the City.

    To cover off on this we will suggest that people use Public transport that they don’t want to use. Because of the cost and inconvenience of Mum Dad and the kids, we will be able to exclude children from the City center.

    We will then Fine them for coming to the City and then Fine them some more etc etc etc

    When they don’t use the Public transport we tell them they have to use, we will subsidize it for ever with their local Government Taxes. Public figures of course don’t use public transport.

    We will Fine them some more.

    If they still don’t get it we will introduce a congestion Tax for the road and parking facilities we have deliberately under planned.

    We will introduce more and different types of Fines.

    We will fine them some more.

  • Ben

    As I said else where – Len my friend, as much as I am a Social Liberal – this vision plan is fast becoming a pipe dream and even I am not willing for TAX THE LIVING CRAP out of everyone that you find for such a pipe dream…

  • diabolos

    There are some who view Len Brown as a patsy – set up by Key and Hide. They didnt expect him to win the election – and they also knew he had been handed a poisoned chalice.

    Best thing Len could have done is to have taken the reigns – said that the structure as set out was unworkable, questionable and also based on decisions taken without consultation of anyone in Auckland who really mattered (ie people). Len could then have said that it all should stop until matters had been sorted out democratically instead of according to Key-Hide ideology.

    The supercity is in the opinion of many unworkable – and it is all going to go titsup once the fiscal and structural effects have washed out of the system … and the architects of it will blame Len Brown who now has to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    Millions of dollars of effects both fiscal and structural are still worming their way through this issue – Len should be putting the brakes on. But key is happy to make cups of tea and wave while the ship sinks.

    I hear tell JK has signed his son up for the SAS as a sign of his commitment to Afghanistan – sort of an advance down payment on his own commitment to his country.

    Or will he recruit from South Auckland instead.

    Ray Huo is in the wrong party – naked self interest and ruthlessness are alive and well even amongst East Auckland Labour Candidtates … Crouching Tiger hidden dragon ..

    They would all do well in the National Party perhaps.

    The Supercity and Len Brown are doomed till we get a mayor that Key and his fellow friedman buttkissers approve of. Even then its doomed – its a model and construct that just wont work

    Poor len

  • Paulus

    Glad I no longer live in Auckland. Liar Len is determined to try and undermine the government as best he can. He is hoping that Labour get back in whilst he is Lord Len.
    At present rate he might start farting into the wind.

  • Paulus

    Glad I no longer live in Auckland.
    With Liar Len, ably assisted, trying to take on the New Zealand Elected Government looks like he cannot wait an Labour government.

    Like farting into the wind. Sadly he thinks he is a really smart ass. He loves, like all socialists, to spend other people’s money.

  • No recollection

    The Manukau Branch Line and railway station are hardly a shining example of Looney Len’s public transport management skills.

    What we have ended up with, is a railway station in the middle of a paddock that nobody will use especially on a wet and windy night in the middle of winter all because Len Browns former council couldn’t be bothered stumping up the extra $10m to put it closer to the Westfield Mall.
    Thanks Len – another cockup.