How is that going to work out for them?

So the Boscafication of ACT continues.

ACT’s latest great campaign idea is to appoint the guy who did such a crap job defending Rodney Hide from a hostile takeover from outside the party to the key role of campaign manager.

I wonder how that is going to turn out for them.

Brian Nicolle and other campaign veterans must be wondering whether or not John Boscawen ever bothers to listen to advice.


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  • hey jude

    Brian Nicolle will be delighted. Rodney is back running the show by default. The fact is that the old ACT-oids make life hell for anyone “new” and always succeed in getting rid of them eventually. And so their grip on the Party continues.

  • hey jude

    He probably had no choice. From what I hear the old ACT-oids, aka Rodneys Rabble work hard to make life hell for anyone outside their tight circle and eventually they leave.

  • thor42

    Sigh……. I’d say it’s “goodbye, ACT”. I hate to say this, but they’re almost as clueless as Labour.