How teacher unions spend their union subs

If you’re a teacher and you want to know how your unions subs are used, then I’m happy to help. It is estimated, conservatively, that the NZEI yearly income at $20 million in subs from the members.

The cash is used to fund extremely poor adverts and international flights and accommodation.

These people have no shame. They are quite happy to put pictures online just to remind their comrades of the struggle for teachers’ rights and how important it is to travel abroad to continue this struggle.

So here are the NZEI, PPTA and TEU troughers in Cape Town last month:

The feature Paul Goulter (blue shirt), National Secretary of NZEI, who wrote to members apologising for handing over ECE postcards to Labour. They also feature prominently Sandra Grey from the Campaign for MMP. Nice to see that union movement is heavily backing MMP. I wonder why that is?

Here’s how this very important gathering is described:

The Congress provides an opportunity for representatives of all EI affiliates to meet and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between teachers and education workers throughout the world. Delegates consider the major contemporary issues affecting their organisations, the international teacher trade union movement, and the ongoing struggle to achieve quality public education for all.

I wonder if the ongoing struggle for quality public education touched on the one in five kids failing in NZ schools?

South Africa made a nice change from New York in March, where the NZEI and PPTA chose to stay at the rather nice New York Hilton while attending yet another conference, while their comrades in Christchurch were trying to put their schools and houses back together.

The NZEI then had the cheek to slag off Anne Tolley for not going on the trip.

NZEI – putting its members first? You decide.


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  • bunswalla

    That Ian Leckie, President of NZEI, is a complete tool. He was Principal of my boy’s primary school and unilaterally banned kids from riding scooters to school because one kid left his lying around in the quad and it got swiped.

    Instead of teaching kids to look after their things and not leave them lying around, or finding and punishing the perpetrator, he decided to ban ALL scooters to protect everyone from the possibility that theirs might get stolen.

    My boy thought that punishing everybody to protect them from something that might never happen (and if it did it was partly their fault for not looking after things) was stupid and I encouraged him to write a polite letter pointing this out. He made a pretty good job of it if I do say so, and added that he was quite prepared for the consequences if someone did swipe his busted-ass Warehouse scooter anyway.

    Leckie’s reply couldn’t have been more patronising or arrogant, and he basically said “you’re too stupid to understand the reasons for this sensible ban, but well done for stringing a few words together.” Wanker.

  • thor42

    What the F**K is Tolley doing about the NZEI? This bunch of ragtag losers should have been annihilated decades ago!
    Tolley would have to be one of the lamest MPs in the current government. ***Pathetic.***
    Someone get Chris Christie down here ASAP. He will sort the bastard teacher unions out.