Hypocrisy Alert

Oh this is hilarious. The NZ Principal’s Federation calling for the school system to be immune from political interference.

School principals, teachers and trustee groups will meet on Saturday with the aim of making some parts of the school system immune to political interference.

They want to agree on the areas of schooling that they feel politicians should not meddle with.

The Principals Federation, which organised the meeting, says it hopes the groups can identify core principles of education.

It expects any consensus from the meeting will carry a lot of weight and says Governments would be unwise to ignore it.

This is the same group that has run a long standing political attack against this government, and also they are associated with the NZEI which is one of many unions registered to lobby politically in the referendum and in the general election.

Their call might be listened to if they practiced what they preached. But they are teachers and they all have the do as I say not as I do mentality.


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  • kevin

    Are they from another planet?

  • thor42

    Education is about the future of this country. If taxpayer’s money is being pumped into it, then we have a sodding-well RIGHT to “interfere” and monitor the system to see that children are being educated effectively (which they sure-as-hell are not at the moment).
    “The Prin­ci­pals Fed­er­a­tion, which organ­ised the meet­ing, says it hopes the groups can iden­tify core prin­ci­ples of education.”
    Hey, I can do that for you. READING, WRITING AND NUMERACY. Why is it that the schools that these bastards are responsible for have resulted in this country having 20% of its children unable to read or write?
    Maybe these scumbag principals should actually get back to their schools and do some work for a change, instead of bleating about “political interference”. If they did their sodding jobs, then the “interference” would be a lot less necessary.