I warned them

For weeks I have been saying that the National Party would cop a flogging in the media about the inept theming of the conference main function.

I even predicted it this morning in my post about conference. [Number 14]

Lo and behold Chris Trotter has delivered what will probably be the first of many mainstream media posts about the issue.

THIS WEEKEND, in Wellington, the National Party is holding its 75thannual conference. With intriguing prescience, the youth wing of the party is hosting a “75 Years Young” ball with a 1930s theme.

With global markets in the midst of yet another precipitous dive, it is fitting that the Young Nats’ celebration is an homàge to the bleak decade that witnessed their party’s birth.

I’d be dismayed, however, if any of the Young Nats’ guests turn up wearing sugar-bag smocks or shoes stuffed with newspaper. Such attire is more correctly associated with those who found themselves on the receiving-end of National’s forebears’ austerity measures.

The sugar-bags – from which these grim years draw their sobriquet – were worn by “relief workers” to protect their threadbare clothing from the mud and clay laid bare by their shovels. Re-located by the United-Reform coalition government of 1931-35 as far away as possible from the riot-prone cities, the unemployed inmates of the Coalition’s “hunger camps” worked long hours in all weathers for the pittance that was the “dole”.

It was the votes of these men, along with those cast by thousands of other economically and socially brutalised New Zealanders, that finally overcame the chilling “charity” of the United-Reform Government.

Chris got only one thing wrong with the post. It isn’t the Young Nats ball. It is the main conference ball!

I know Captain Panic Pants will be having conniptions over this, he has been worried for some time about the wisdom of the theme. He will be vindicated now.


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  • gazzaw

    I have had a big concern about this from the day it was posted here. We would be kidding ourselves if this does not turn out to be a very bad call. The media & in particular the Sunday papers will have pictures on the front page of aged bejewelled flappers arriving in 1930’s touring cars accompanied by brilliantined prats enjoying their night out in the big smoke. A few humorists dressed as Al Capone as well maybe?

    It won’t be a good look. It’s bound to be juxtaposed with images and/ or statements from ‘do gooders’ such as Dianne Roberston, Darryl Evans or God forbid Helen Kelly with latest play on the poverty line.

    This brainless exercise is worthy of Liabore.

    • thor42

      I agree – it is **thoroughly worthy** of Liarbore.
      The Nats have broken rule number one in politics – “DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID.”
      It would not at all surprise me if this idea originally came from the Dipton Dipstick himself, Bill English.
      Pissed as a fart after a few beers, he slurs “hey… letssshhh have a thirtiesshh-shhtyle ball…..”

      The Nats should employ a “stupidity guard” to stop this kind of thing happening. When the “top brass” get together and come up with things like this, there is **no-one** with an objective, outside-looking viewpoint who could throw a bucket of cold water over them and say – “guys – this idea is stupid and lame – don’t do it.”

  • SHG

    Exactly. This whole event has fail written all over it. What genius approved the concept?

  • Michaels

    JK showing up in a cool old car? I think it would be a good look.
    Whale, I assume you will be in a sugar sack then?

  • John Fraser

    Not a good look but then who am i to comment,again national on parade,their trophy wifes on display, SST front page material, plus truth as a page filler.
    Close up photos of the worn wealth,just the boost the working KIWI needs to strive for.

  • Naylor

    It would have to be some “bright” female in HQ who up with the idea for the 30s theme. Reason being is that no bloke would ever think of that unless they’re gay. So the idea was mooted in the office and good ol’fashioned President Peter Goodfellow would have thought it was a splendid idea.

    The young Nats should all turn up in brown shirts and scare the bejesus out of the oldies.

    What a fucking sorry scene this is going to turn out for the party organisers.

    ON a scale of 1-10, 10 being fantastic this is a 0. Doh

    • gazzaw

      F**king hell Naylor, I hadn’t thought of the Nazi theme. I now have visions of Big Gerry arriving in a huge open Mercedes up dressed as Hermann Goering.

      • thor42

        Classic! :)