I wrote an email

Phil Goff is digging deeper and deeper, trying desperately to smear me. Last night on Radio Live he even raised the spectre of the Hollow Men for some inept and bizarre reason.

For some reason the left wing elements of the media, including Scoop, Barry Soper, John Pagani and to a lesser extent Chris Trotter have all tried to say that I should never have been given the documents. They all ignore the fact that I asked for the documents under the OIA and I asked for details that wouldn’t be secret, I was very specific and not only that I published the exact questions I asked.

So far none of the media have published what they asked. So far none of the media have published their timelines for when they submitted their OIA requests.

The single thing that perplexes me is why they all think that the OIA shouldn’t be used by ordinary citizens and left as the preserve of the political elites and meida?

The Official information Act is designed so that the powerful can be held to account, and hold Phil Goff to account I have. I can only assume that the whining in the media is because I ganked them. They are miffed that I thought of it first….some time before Fairfax got around to moving their expanding posteriors off the chair to write a OIA request.

Phil Goff says questions need to be asked:

Labour leader Phil Goff says questions remain over how a right-wing blogger asked the SIS for a confidential document about a briefing he had with the spy agency.

Questions also remained over why the SIS released the material with such urgency – four working days after receiving the request under the Official Information Act. Most requests are either rejected outright or take at least three weeks to action.

The simple answer to the how a right wing blogger asked the SIS is that I simply asked for it. I watched Phil Goff and then Annette King change the story about the breifing he says he never had, but documents prove that he did. i was angered that phil Goff was using the same tactics that he did when caught lying over the Daren Hughes affair, so incenced I wrote an email.

After I rote that email the law took effect. The SIS had to, by law, answer my request. The leftwing, Phil Goff, the media all need to ask themselves a very pertinent question.

Do they think that the SIS should selectively answer OIA requests based on the political views of the person asking and the political views of the opponents of the person asking?

They won’t answer that question because where it leads to is where they are trying to smear the SIS, that there is political involvement in the SIS when they know very clearly that there is not. If they were to answer in the affirmative then they support the politicization of the SIS.

By attacking me and my motives they have now opened pandora’s box on themselves. Once again they have shown themselves to be inept strategically. They clearly do not war-game every scenario through to their logical and inevitable conclusions. For if they did then Phil Goff would have retracted a long time ago and claimed he mis-spoke, forgot or some other weaselly excuse.

By going large on this he has only himself to blame for the issue being in the public domain. His actions alone are the ones that have led a non-issue being turned into three weeks worth of bad headlines and an asymmetrical war against a blogger they can’t win.

My old man has a saying about people being either chess players or draughts players. Phil Goff has shown that he is neither and that his game appears to be Chinese Checkers.


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  • Allan

    Keep up the good work Whale, it is wonderful to watch the Socialist clown squirm and get deeper in the crap every time he opens his mouth.

  • kehua

    Checkmate, big Fella.

  • reid

    his game appears to be Chi­nese Checkers

    No, his game is spite-filled childish teasing and pointing and whining like a little girl.


    Seriously how could anyone intelligent support the left, ever. Liarbore are totally fucked in the head, from the way they behaved when the VSM bill was reported back to this and the next episode to come of complete and utter mentalness.

    What a bunch of fucking losers.


  • positan

    … and Goff is the guy who, for the past three years, has attempted to sell himself as “Prime Minister material.”

    Yet another in that long line of Labour pretenders.

  • thor42

    Game, set and match to WO!
    Goof, in his incompetence, has ***completely exposed*** the ulterior motives of the Left. In their view, everyone must agree with them, and exposing their incompetence and lies is forbidden. “Political correctness” is everything to them.
    It is already the case that on university campuses in the US and UK, leftard political correctness has won. You can only express the “approved” viewpoint, and attempts to express the contrary viewpoint are muzzled. It’d be no surprise if this is happening here as well.

  • jimmie

    Hello sub 25% Goffy is going to be fighting with the margin of error for who is the most popular for PM after this week.

    The thing I don’t get is why doesn’t Mrs Goffy give him some advice in these things. If his Labour advisers are too dumb to advise him properly surely he could run things past her?

    Nuts – pure nuts and good riddance when he goes.

  • peterwn

    Labour probably thought something like this happened. Mr Tucker would have been smarting a bit when Whale’s OIA request hit his desk. There was probably a twinkle in his eye as he assessed the request and the implications and immediately recognised that:
    1. He could grant it at no detriment to SIS (Whale dis not ask for anything that could not be released).
    2. It would help let him off the hook at Phil Goff’s expense.
    3. Whale would probably make good use of it.
    So hey! why not, a bit of work with the photocopier and felt pen and job done!

    This is what has upset Labour and the Main Stream Media. So here is a public servant being hit over the head for responding promptly to a OIA request when the norm is a few months. Therefore Labour cannot blame public servants for taking a long time to respond to OIA requests.

    Incidentally Mr Tuker’s response is a far cry from his predecessor’s (Brigadier Gilbert) response to an information request by Outspoke student newspaper (published in opposition to Craccum) in 1965 – ‘no comment on any of the matters raised’ (a young SIS employee was a political studies student at Auckland University much to the disgust of left wing students and academics).

  • MarcW

    Isn’t this the same Phil Goof who said after his daughter was caught with Ecstacy tabs at a Sydney concert “my daughter does not use drugs?” FFS, the man is an idiot and a liar, and will argue that black is white if it suits him. The best bit of good news for National is this moron in opposition for the election – he comes for free (for them), and they hardly need to even campaign.

  • Deputy

    Phil Goff is dumb as.. Just keep tightening the screws.

    I am concerned that Barry Soper is showing his left wing traits whenever he goes on air. I thought that he should be neutral now changed my mind to neutered

  • thor42

    On being a leftwinger – it actually really amazes me that **anyone** would publicly make it known that they are a leftard.
    Leftwing is synonymous for being ***piss-ignorant.***
    If you’re a uni student, it’s synonymous for holding you views for no other reason than “it’s what students believe.”
    It’s synonymous with actually being shown evidence that completely demolishes your arguments, but sticking with them anyway.

  • kevin

    thor42… you got it dead right.

  • notavictim

    thor 42, pity those same students for the most part dont have the maturity or experience to form their own views, which is why compulsory student union membership must be abolished, to prevent the brain washing and procession of left wing haters.

  • Steve

    Just listened to Goff talking with Paul Henry and then WhaleOil talking to Henry.
    Phil Goff is discombubulated in a bad way if that is possible

  • David

    The fourth estate and their incredibly privileged status are miffed that Whale once again have done their job for them. The OIA is for everyone and if they are too stupid to frame a request in the right way then their editor should chew them over that. NOT get the pip and follow Labours line of unbelievably trying to pin this as a Nat conspiracy. Once again they have been spun by Labour and they should sit down and take a good hard look at themselves.
    If the MSM continue to employ idiots from the Christchurch polytechnic and their definition of journalism is taking leaks from interested parties which inevitably turn out to be wrong or after a policy release asking Sue Bradford what she thinks and think that satisfies the public their business model is fucked.
    Good to see we are able to comment freely again. Good work fella.

  • Steve

    Phil Goff is discombobulated

  • Tim

    Keep up good work! I see on teletext an interview with W Tucker is still trying to make Goff right. Time to switch to Radio Live and Paul Henry.

  • whalewatcher

    I was astounded that Barry Soper was whingeing on the other day about his dismay that the SIS had released info to ‘a blogger’. He sounded lame, and has dropped significantly in my estimation. I now will ignore him, regardless if he is in the PM’s travelling entourage or not.

    A blogger is a citizen is a NZer, and has a right to request info under the OIA, and Soper is seemingly ignorant of that, or thinks it shouldn’t be so.
    If one uses the rules accurately and is specific in his request (as you must have been to get the release, Cam), then under the rules they have to oblige.
    So to hear Soper spluttering about this after the fact would, to my mind, paint him a fool and show him up.

    So keep it up, Mr Slater

  • thor42

    That Soper is a f**king hypocrite if you ask me.
    As a pinko, I’ll bet he really fancies himself in the “human rights” area. Oh, but when it comes to a New Zealand citizen’s **right** to use the OIA to hold pricks like Goof to account, then it’s “oh no – you shouldn’t be giving information to a blogger.”
    What the F**K has being a blogger got to do with anything anyway?
    For F**K’S SAKE, Labour – ***GET WITH THE PROGRAM!***. That goes for Soper as well. Ignorant pinko prick.

  • Alan Chamberlain

    I can see Mr Tucker slaming the door in face of Phil Goff’s extra witness when they turn up for a breifing.

  • Murray

    I dunno, Alan.

    If I were Mr Tucker, I’d be wanting to have my own man there too – so that he could confirm that both Goff and the Goff witness had had the briefing.

    I can see it now:

    Mr Tucker: Hello, Mr Goff and Mr X. It’s 2.30pm on August 7 2011. Would you both mind initialling this piece of paper to show that, yes, that is the time and date and that you both know that? I hope you’ve budgetted a fair bit of time for this briefing because I am going to have you similarly initial each and every sentence I read out.