Images of Conference – VSM Protest Fail

I took this image of a protest against VSM at the National party conference.

Protest Fail at National party Conference


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  • thor42

    Geez…….. complete dickheads!
    The ONLY thing that will happen is that the students will be able to **choose** to join the leftards or not.
    Wow…… “shock, horror, hold the front page…….” /sarcasm

  • Phronesis

    Ban unions perhaps?

  • Tim

    What a bunch of gimps

  • Cadwallader

    A sad turn out by sad losers.

  • Spanishbride

    OT but a little bird told me that at conference a number of people did not recognise WO.
    WHY you ask? I’ll tell you why. It is because he has photos of himself all over his blog that are soooooo out of date. Since December we have being doing 10km most days and thanks to the Duck he no longer does 10km with me but trains on that bloody bike instead.
    When trolls on here call him blubber boy and a bludging beneficiary I just smile.
    Like Trev they will learn the hard way how wrong they are.

  • spiker

    Whitebait oil just doesn’t sound right..

  • kehua

    Are we talking `slimy Tuna`?

  • Richard McGrath

    “I want an alternative to VSM”

    Was this tongue in cheek? This protestor wants to be able to choose a situation which deprives others of choice. Lovely.