Internet Safety Warning

I just got an email pretending to be from Kiwibank. It is a phishing scam email.

Dear Customer,

We are making measures monthly to UPDATE our security and secure our online banking customers due to internet banking fraud rampant on internet of late,so please click the link below to UPDATE your account.

Verification Update



Internet Banking Team,

Kiwibank – Banking New Zealand.

There was a link on the words Verification Update, holding over the link shows that it goes to mdsultan[dot]com/images/kiwifolder/kiwibank[dot]php

There is no way that this is an email from Kiwibank. Be warned.


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  • peterwn

    Get these the whole time – Kiwibank ones about twice a week or more. Admittedly some are via an organization’s emai address which is re-directed to me and which is unfortunately a ‘sitting duck’ for harvesting. I cannot believe that TelstraClear and the other local ISP’s cannot filter these out. It would be hardly be rocket science. The phishers seem to think I bank with the other NZ banks as well as some UK ‘high street’ banks.

  • John Q Public

    I got three from them today. Apparently my online has expired; who’d have thunk it.

  • Zork

    I don’t have any money left, this Guy got it all.

    I’m sorry I didn’t inform you about my traveling… am presently in London, on short vacation and as i write to you now.. its unbelievable am stuck here,got mugged at gun point on my way to the hotel and my money,credit cards,phone and other valuable things were taken off me at gun point, thanking Almighty God for save keeping my passport., i really need your urgent assistance quickly ?

    I JUST NEED $2,700 TO SORT OUT MY HOTEL BILLS AND i promise to refund it back to you once i get home cause I still have some cash in my account but i cant access any here right now, already canceled all my cards immediately after the muggers took my things off me!!! still at the public internet library where am making use of the free internet access, i will forever be grateful if you can help me,Waiting to hear from you quickly cos my flight leaves in few hrs but need to sort
    the hotel bills.
    William Browne