Is any one else sick of hearing from Ken Ring?

Why can’t he just STFU?

Moon Man Ken Ring is predicting more misery for quake-ravaged Canterbury.

The self-described weather expert has warned that another big one will rock the area next month in a recent post on his website. Ring denied he was out to scare people.

“I’m sure if people want to be scared, then they won’t want to read the website if they identify it as the cause of their fear,” he said.

People were free to ignore him and “it’s up to individual choice what people read” on his website.

Ring’s predictions have sparked outrage and panic after he claimed to know earthquakes were coming in Christchurch through a study of the moon.

Enough already.


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  • diabolos

    I tend to think that anyone living in Chch knows that things arent over. I really feel for them – and wouldnt want to be in their situation.

    However Mr Rings statements sound like outtakes from the (as it appears to be) manifestos and philosophies of the right of the National Party and the Act Party. Personal choice – freedom of speech – it almost sounds like he is saying to the Acronym STFU – a great big HTFU to use the opposing acronym.

    Its sort of very Don Brash – “these are the realities (as he and his party ideologues perceive them) so we all have to face them – and the pain is well worth the gain … ”

    Ken Ring has the right to give his opinion – political parties do – politicians do – bloggers do – Im more sick of commentators on The Nation and Q and A than i am of Ken Ring. They are all more of a danger to Christchurch than Mr Ring possibly.

    I think Cam – youre right – the poor folkting on chemical toilets in Christchurch dont need to be depressed in advance any further. It just strikes me that his comments about free choice – is an incredibly clear statement of the survival of the fittest jungle of social darwinism that ACT and National appear to me, to be aiming for.

    Just an opinion – and yes i think Ken Ring should STFU as you say and give his theories to the powers that be and let them take responsibility for heeding or ignoring same. Much more moral and decent – but like any seeker of publicity and disciples (or so it appears to me) doesnt offer as much boost to the ego or ambitions.

  • symgardiner

    The MSM are despicable for running this story.

  • MarcW

    Why don’t you save your criticism for
    A) The NZ Herald for publicizing his website and
    B) Yourself for repeating their publicity.

    It’s not rocket science – if you care you can look up what he is predicting, and all the rest of you need not even be concerned.

  • TonyM

    I agree with Marcw,

    Mr Ring is publishing info on his own website – not unlike yourself WO. People are free to read things on his website as they wish.

    It is the MSM that provide the beat-up and ensure that this info is sent out.

  • Mr Blobby

    Well said lets all just STFU.

  • Joes

    The Herald should also start printing Nostradamus’ predictions. At least they printed an item showing that all media outlets won an award from the NZ Skeptics for repeating Ring’s predictions.

    Next thing we know, we’ll get some crazy person telling us that god loves them and has told them when the next earthquate is.

  • Paranormal

    Leave ken Ring alone. I admire his courage in the face of academics and their media hacks.

    The problem is not with how much Ken Ring knows, but more in how little the so called academics actually know. Plate techtonics have only been with us a few short decades and there is still a lot more to learn before anyone can rubbish the moonman with any real credibility.

    It is another case of the ‘science is settled’ having a go at an alternative theory.

  • Spiker

    Ken who?

  • I agree with Paranormal, part of the Ken Ring theory is that because the Moon has a major effect on earth’s tidal movements (a fact that I do not think anybody disagrees with) it could also have an effect on earths atmosphere (ie influence earth’s weather) and have an effect on earth’s molton core (ie influence earthquakes).
    Gravity is a fact of life, and we are all affected by the Gravity of the Sun, Moon and Earth.

  • Agent BallSack

    People laughed at Jules Verne too, when he predicted a whole race of ‘Mud Men’ living inside the earths core. Whos laughing now….Erm.