Is Len Brown the Kris Fa'afoi of the North?

Len Brown is want to make all sorts of spurious claims, bizarre physical assaults on his own person and to lie like a flat fish when confronted with unpalatable truths from bloggers.

Today in the Herald on Sunday he makes an astonishing claim:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown caught the train from Britomart and spent the game seated next to All Black legend Graham Mourie.

“There were lots of people saying ‘Good job, Mr Mayor’,” he said, “and you had this sense of optimism in the crowd. At the ground, there is an outstanding presence of police and security who are highly visible.

“I’ve had major oversight of this Eden Park project to make sure everything is done right and I am very confident.”

Oh how nice, he sat next to Graham Mourie, I suppose that was better than sharing a corporate box with other assorted socialists. But it is the last line that is particularly annoying.

As Keeping Stock points out:

Oh really Len? The decision to upgrade Eden Park was finally taken in February 2007. At that point, Len Brown had yet to even be elected mayor of Manukau City, Helen Clark was still the Prime Minister, Dick Hubbard was the mayor of Auckland and the decision to create an Auckland supercity had not been reached.

For Len Brown to now claim Eden Park as his baby is, at the most charitable, grandstanding. He’s been the mayor of Auckland City for less than 10 months, and his input into the Eden Park redevlopment will have been, at the most, oversight of the finishing touches.

But that’s Len Brown. We can only wonder if he took the train TO Britomart as well as from Britomart to Eden Park, or whether he was driven.

Len lives in Manukau. It would have been a much smaller carbon footprint for him to drive straight to Eden Park from home and back again rather than use his driver to get him to Britomart and then home again afterwards. Then again Len Brown is not about saving the environment he is the classic case literally of style over substance.

Yet again Len Brown goes for style over substance, yet again Len Brown prefers to stretch the truth and claim other peoples work for his own.


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  • Love that Kris Fa’afoi dig; “I’ve been everywhere, man”

    Personally, I would call him Lenny-come-lately.

  • whafe

    Len Brown is noting but a dishonest slimey gutter living snake….. He thinks he has fooled the people of Auckland. Sadly mistaken Len.

    Make the most of your time in the position you are in. Because you will not get a 2nd round!

  • alex Masterley

    Len would have been able to park anywhere in the “B” zone as despite getting parking passes they were ignored by all and sundry.

  • Rusty Kane

    When you say Len Brown sitting with Gra­ham Mourie, is bet­ter than shear­ing a cor­po­rate box with other assorted social­ists. Was that putting All Black leg­end Gra­ham Mourie in a socialist box with Len Brown.

    Mourie being the first high profile All Black player not to play South Africa in protest against apartheid.

  • Rusty Kane

    When you say’s Len Brown sitting next to Graham Mourie was bet­ter than shar­ing a cor­po­rate box with other assorted social­ists. Is that putting All Black leg­end Gra­ham Mourie in a socialist box with Len Brown.

  • Victor

    It was interesting standing in line the other week at the former Manukau Council building to register my dog.

    The overwhelming commentary was “what a complete cock up” the registration process had been with numerous people having not received the original bill or animal details being incorrect. Then to top it off despite the other former council areas having Online payment facilities Lens old stamping ground has no such option available or even phone payment etc.

    My favorite comment from the hour and half wait though was from the 80-85 year old women who quite vocally stated “Len Brown and his Cronies deserves to be shot” which resulted in numerous “Yeahs” etc from among the 100+ people waiting.